Busy Ant Maths - Year 1 Activity

Used in conjunction with the Teacher's Guide, Progress Guide and Homework Guide, the Busy Ant Maths Pupil Book 1B is the best way to ensure that pupils achieve all the learning objectives of the new P

Match and Sort

Help your child to match and sort objects in this fun and educational activity book. With over 100 reward stickers and curriculum-linked activities, it's the perfect way to start learning with your ch

Get Ready for Maths

With fun, colourful exercises and over 100 gold stickers to encourage learning, Get Ready for Maths helps to give your child a head start in numeracy skills before starting school.

Forcing and the Event

A Reconstruction of Alain Badiou's Mathematical Philosophy in Being and Event

Basic Math and Pre-algebra

Teaches core mathematical concepts including whole numbers; decimals; fractions; integers and rationals; powers, exponents, and roots; powers of ten and scientific notation; measurements; graphs; and

An Introduction to Functional Analysis

Based on an introductory, graduate-level course given by Swartz at New Mexico State U., this textbook, written for students with a moderate knowledge of point set topology and integration theory, expl

A Concise Introduction to the Theory of Integration

The choice of topics included in this book, as well as the presentation of those topics, has been guided by the author's experience in teaching this material to classes consisting of advanced graduate

Introduction to Analysis

Introduction to Analysis is an ideal text for a one semester course on analysis. The book covers standard material on the real numbers, sequences, continuity, differentiation, and series, and includes

Introduction to Mathematical Analysis

A Logical Introduction to Proof

The book is intended for students who want to learn how to prove theorems and be better prepared for the rigors required in more advance mathematics. One of the key components in this textbook is the

Introduction to the Analysis of Metric Spaces

Assuming a basic knowledge of real analysis and linear algebra, the student is given some familiarity with the axiomatic method in analysis and is shown the power of this method in exploiting the fund

An Introduction to Mathematical Analysis

Originally published in 1997, An Introduction to Mathematical Analysis provides a rigorous approach to real analysis and the basic ideas of complex analysis. Although the approach is axiomatic, the la