CliffsQuickReview Geometry

CliffsQuickReview course guides cover the essentials of your toughest classes. Get a firm grip on core concepts and key material, and test your newfound knowledge with review questions. From planes, p

CliffsQuickReview Calculus

Provides tutorials that teach core calculus concepts including limits, derivatives, integrals, and applications of the derivative and the definite integral.

Algebra II

Teaches core algabraic concepts, discussing topics such as segments, lines, and inequalities; linear equations; polynomial arithmetic; factoring polynomials; rational expressions; and complex numbers.

Matematika Dasar Dan Pra Aljabar

A History of Islamic Spain

A Textbook of Psychology

An Introduction sociolnguitics

Introduction to Sociolinguistics

Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture

English Bussiness Letters

The Practice of language teaching

psycholinguistics language, mind and world