Ibn al-'Arabi's Barzakh

The Concept of the Limit and the Relationship between God and the World

Explores the concept of the Limit (barzakh), which the great Sufi mystic Ibn al-'Arabi used to address the philosophical controversy regarding God's relationship with the world.

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A Beginner's History of Philosophy: Modern philosophy

The World-Time Parallel

Tense and Modality in Logic and Metaphysics

Is what could have happened but never did as real as what did happen? What did happen, but isn't happening now, happened at another time. Analogously, one can say that what could have happened happens

Philosophy of the English-Speaking World in the Twentieth Century 2: Meaning, Knowledge and Value

Routledge History of Philosophy

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Oeuvres Philosophiques Et Scientifiques D'Al-Kindi

L'Optique Et LA Catoptrique

This publication of al-Kind 's "Optics" and "Catoptrics" provides "editio princeps" and the first translation of three books including the "Rectification of Euclid's Optics" hitherto unknown. In this

Al-Kindi's Metaphysics

A Translation of Ya'qub ibn Ishaq al-kindi's Treatise "On First Philosophy"

A translation and commentary on al-Kindi's "On First Philosophy," a seminal work of early Islamic thought.

al-Kindi wa-arauhu al-falsafiyah

Die philosophischen Abhandlungen des Ja'qūb ben Isḥāq al-Kindī

Al Kindi

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The Philosophical Works of al-Kindi

Al-Kindī, honoured as the 'philosopher of the Arabs', was the first philosopher of Islam. His pioneer philosophical writings engage with ideas that became available through the Graeco-Arabic translati