An Annotated Bibliography

In his day, al-Kindi (ca. 805-870) was the only philosopher of pure Arab descent, and became known as “the philosopher of the Arabs.” He was one of the first Arab scholars interested in a scientific r


Tokoh Filosof Muslim


The Father of Arab Philosophy

Ilmu filsafat

suatu pengantar

Pengantar Filsafat Ilmu

Filsafat politik Pancasila

refleksi atas teks perumusan Pancasila

Criticism on Pancasila, the state philosophy of Indonesia, from a political philosophy viewpoint.

Mencari Sila Kelima

Sejak berusia enam tahun, ada begitu banyak pertanyaan yang tumpang-tindih di kepalaku. Mengapa orang-orang kerap bersikap manis kepada mereka yang dianggap berkedudukan dan kaya, tapi bersikap dingin

Para pencari tuhan

dialog alQuran, filsafat dan sains dalam bingkai keimanan

Mind, Brain, and Free Will

Richard Swinburne presents a powerful new case for substance dualism and for libertarian free will. He argues that pure mental events (including conscious events) are distinct from physical events and

Brain and Mind

Modern Concepts of the Nature of Mind

Presenting some modern views on the problem of the nature of mind and its relationship to the brain, this book, published in 1965, brings together contributors from various disciplines which are affec

Brain and Being

At the Boundary Between Science, Philosophy, Language and Arts

This book results from a group meeting held at the Institute for Scientific Exchange in Torino, Italy. The central aim was for scientists to “think together” in new ways with those in the humanities i

The Brain and the Meaning of Life

Why is life worth living? What makes actions right or wrong? What is reality and how do we know it? The Brain and the Meaning of Life draws on research in philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience to a