The Works of Plato: The Republic, Timaeus, and Critias

The Dialogues of Plato

Aspects of Modern Logic

It is common to consider an area of science as a system of real or sup posed truths which not only continuously extends itself, but also needs periodical revision and therefore tests the inventive cap

Maps of the Mind

Presents and assesses more than fifty concepts of how the mind works and attempts to assimilate them into an overall theory

Destructive Emotions

Can the worlds of science and philosophy work together to recognise our destructive emotions such as hatred, craving, and delusion? Bringing together ancient Buddhist wisdom and recent breakthroughs i

Tradition and Authenticity in the Search for Ecumenic Wisdom

Our emerging world system is bringing the great traditions and cultures it has spawned into ever more intimate and dangerous contact. Langan argues that we must struggle toward a unity of discourse re

A Passion for Wisdom

A Very Brief History of Philosophy

A multicultural examination of the three historical movements in philosophical thought and development over a 4000 year period

Teaching for Wisdom

Cross-cultural Perspectives on Fostering Wisdom

This book examines if it is possible to teach wisdom. It considers how people at different times and places have engaged the age-old question of how (or whether) we can learn to live a good life, and

Ethics and the Quest for Wisdom

Modernity has challenged the ancient ideal of a universal quest for wisdom, and today's world of conflicting cultures and values has raised further doubts regarding the possibility of objective ethica

Pearls Of Wisdom

Prayers For Engaged Living Professions And Society Buddhism And Dharma Service

Among the many offerings that Buddhists make to the Buddha are incense, flowers, candles, and fruit. We make these offerings out of respect to the Buddha, not because the Buddha demands such offerings

Pearls of Wisdom

Wisdom for the New Millennium

Excerpts from Wisdom For The New Millennium The whole world is made up of love& you have heard this before. All is God and all is love. Then what is the purpose of life if everything is already God? W