The Achievement Test Desk Reference (ATDR)

Comprehensive Assessment and Learning Disabilities

/* 2547L, Flanagan, Dawn P., The Achievement Test Desk Reference: A Comprehensive Framework for Learning Disability Determination */ This book combines comprehensive descriptions and critical reviews of over 50 achievement tests with an innovative model for learning disability evaluation following current assessment and interpretation methods. The Achievement Test Desk Reference (ATDR) represents a unique contribution to both the practice of academic assessment and learning disability evaluation. The "Desk Reference" section contains descriptions and reviews of psychometric properties for comprehensive screening and specific academic skills batteries and achievement tests including measures of reading, math, written and oral language, and phonological processing. For school psychologists, clinical psychologists, educational psychologists, learning disability specialists, and speech/language pathologists.

Conversely, word analysis skills refer to an individual's ability to apply structural
and phonetic analysis to unknown or less familiar words, as well as "nonsense"
words. Together, these basic reading skills enable a reader to effectively decode