The Information System Consultant's Handbook

Systems Analysis and Design

The Information System Consultant's Handbook familiarizes systems analysts, systems designers, and information systems consultants with underlying principles, specific documentation, and methodologies. Corresponding to the primary stages in the systems development life cycle, the book divides into eight sections: Principles Information Gathering and Problem Definition Project Planning and Project Management Systems Analysis Identifying Alternatives Component Design Testing and Implementation Operation and Maintenance Eighty-two chapters comprise the book, and each chapter covers a single tool, technique, set of principles, or methodology. The clear, concise narrative, supplemented with numerous illustrations and diagrams, makes the material accessible for readers - effectively outlining new and unfamiliar analysis and design topics.

design of a system that fulfills the requirements. Construction is developing code,
debugging, and testing the application. In object-oriented analysis, the analyst
finds and describes the objects. For example, if we consider a student registration