Your Ielts and Toefl Guide

*your IELTS & TOEFL Guide is basically designed to show candidates how to approach the IELTS and TOEFL both of which aim at testing a candidate's proficiency in English. *this book recommends not only the possession pf active vocabulary, but also a sound knowledge of English grammar. *the book gives learners easy access to english grammer so that they find it easy to use it effectively. *the book presents a technique of writing that is easy to grap and imitate< it shows how one can write an essay with ease. *the book contains a number of articles covering a variety of familiar topics. candidates are advised to study them so that they can make use of them when dearling with other topics. *the book provides candidates with useful expressions that can be manipulated in a variety of articles. *the book stresses the fact that the four language skills are organically integrated. any language item can benefit a learner when communicating with others.

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