Biodegradation Probability Program

A powerful PC-based program designed for regulatory screening and prioritizing and industrial screening of chemicals Take the guesswork out of calculating the probability of a chemical biodegrading rapidly or slowly under anaerobic conditions in a mixed culture of microorganisms. Biodegradation Probability Program does the calculations for you using fragment constants developed with multiple linear and non-linear regressions and data from Syracuse Research Corporation's evaluation biodegradation database (BIODEG). The program will run on any IBM® or IBM-compatible computer with 260K RAM. Biodegradation Probability Program is already being used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and major chemical companies. It is indispensable for environmental professionals and regulatory people who need to predict biodegradibility for chemicals lacking experimental data. The program will be of special interest to all remediation firms working with biodegradation technologies.

The first results screen pertains to the linear biodegradation fragments. The
second results screen pertains to the non-linear biodegradation fragments.
Example results screens are shown in Figures 2 and 3. SMILES I CCCCO CHEM
I Butanol ...