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Tinjauan aspek spiritual dengan kesehatan reproduksi mahasiswa Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta

Sexual behavior and reproductive health of students in Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta, Indonesia; research report.

Sexual behavior and reproductive health of students in Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta, Indonesia; research report.

Sandstone Center of the World

The Amherst (Lorain County, Ohio) region has long been known as the "Sandstone Center of the World." Today the Cleveland Quarries Company are one of the leading sandstone quarriers in the nation. This book explores the rich history of quarry life, and the dozens of companies that quarried sandstone in Lorain County during the past 160 years. No place more dramatically portrays man's victory over nature. Includes 140 pictures, maps, and company logos. Additional sandstone & quarry history is available online at

9 (Ref I & J) • 1848 John Elliott Quarry (Ref A page 336) • 1863 William James
Quarry (Ref A page 336) • Parks & E.C. Foster ... 6 (Ref A page 338) • 1886
Cleveland Stone Company (Ref B; Ref D page 86) • 1903 John R. Walsh; Ohio
Stone ...

Teaching Common Core English Language Arts Standards

20 Lesson Frameworks for Elementary Grades

Ensure students develop proficiency in reading, speaking and listening, writing, and language. Explore 20 lesson frameworks to help teach the Common Core State Standards for English language arts. Discover targeted lessons to help students master critical skills, including how to organize ideas from informational texts, identify similarities and differences, scrutinize words to gain deeper meaning of readings, and write with grade-appropriate language.

20 Lesson Frameworks for Elementary Grades Patricia M. Cunningham, James
W. Cunningham ... Ten Important Words isa comprehension lesson framework
youcan use tohelp your studentsdetermine which wordsinan informational text
are mostimportant (Yopp ... Studentsalso learnto write summaries withkey

Peter Spurway’S Practical, Powerful and Effective Guide to Media Relations

Get Past the Fear and Use the Control You Don’T Realize You Have to Deliver Your Message Effectively, Every Chance You Get

Too many people are afraid of the media. What do they want? What will they ask? Why can’t they just leave us alone? Be not afraid. The answers to these and many other questions are inside. You can discern the media’s motives. You can anticipate what they’ll ask. And you can be well-prepared to answer their questions and advance your agenda. And it’s not half as hard as you might think. A solid, professional working relationship with the media is in your best interests—especially when things go wrong. And they will go wrong. This practical, powerful, and effective guide will show you how to use the control you don’t realize you have to manage your relationship with the media to your benefit and theirs. You will learn how to prepare and deliver your messages effectively, even in a hostile environment when the chips are down.

Too many people are afraid of the media.

Guide to Media Relations

Exploring how to effectively communicate with the media, this book offers readers a practical and concise guide to all aspects of media relations while examining the media's pervasive presence and influence on business. This First Edition covers a plethora of topics including how to establish ongoing relationships with reporters, managing media relations during a crisis, preparing for interviews and identifying important media contacts, and how to differentiate between financial media and mainstream media. For professionals with a career in corporate communications, public relations, media and business relations, management communications, crisis management, and integrated marketing communications.

This concise, practical book is written for you if you want to work effectively with the media. You will learn how to.