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How to Build Realistic Model Railroad Scenery

Featuring today's newest products and equipment, this photo-packed guide features contemporary images of diesel locomotives and urban settings, plus updates to Dave's trademark scenery "recipes." Includes new chapters on Western scenery and desert modeling, and city scenery and urban settings.

Once you've worked out your scenery plan, make sure your layout's trackwork
and wiring are complete and the trains run perfectly before you build anything. It's
difficult to remove, replace, or repair track after scenery is in place. Ripping up ...

How to Make Your Care Home Fun

Simple Activities for People of All Abilities

As we grow older, our need to be engaged in interesting activities does not diminish and is vital to our quality of life. How to Make Your Care Home Fun examines the need for activities for elderly people in care and offers a practical programme of entertaining activities that can be used in nursing and residential homes, day centres, rehabilitation centres and hospices. As well as suggesting a programme of activities for older people in care homes including arts and crafts, role-playing, gardening and cooking, it also takes the stance that 'activity nursing' should be integral to all personal care plans and not simply regarded as an add on to medical care. The author also examines how care homes are run and regulated in the light of recent legislation and considers the services provided by care homes and areas of potential deficiency. The book offers a wide selection of activities that can be used with people of all abilities and have greatly improved quality of life for elderly people in care. Highlighting the value of nursing that caters for an individual's physical, mental and emotional needs, this book is an ideal resource for care home professionals and anyone who is responsible for the well-being of elderly people in care.

For various reasons they have reached a stage when they need to live in a care
home where care staff can help them to meet their needs. At long last there is
growing recognition that these needs consist of more than just physical care, and

How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired

Brilliant and tense, Dany Laferrière's first novel, How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired, is as fresh and relevant today as when it was first published in Canada in 1985. With ribald humor and a working-class intellectualism on par with Charles Bukowski's or Henry Miller's, Laferrière's narrator wanders the streets and slums of Montreal, has sex with white women, and writes a book to save his life. With this novel, Laferrière began a series of internationally acclaimed social and political novels about the love of the world, and the world of sex, including Heading South and I Am a Japanese Writer. It launched Laferrière as one of the literary world's finest provocateurs and continues to draw strong comparisons to the writings of James Baldwin, Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski, and Jack Kerouac. The book was made into a feature film and translated into several languages — this is the first U.S. edition.

The black period is over, has-been, kaput, finito, whited out. Nigger go home. Va-t
-en, Nègre. The Black Bottom's o≠ the Top 20. Hasta la vista, Negro. Last call,
colored man. Go back to the bush, man. Do yourself a hara-kiri you-know-where.

Dari jendela Islam

Issues on social aspects of Islam and Malay civilization; collected articles.

Setiap pembentang lebih banyak mencari titik persamaan supaya wujud
simbiosis mengenai agama ... Ia memberi implikasi kepada kesatuan ciptaan
yakni keterhubungan (interrelatedness) bahagianbahagian alam dan kaitannya
dengan integrasi ilmu. Tujuan usaha saintifik ... Ini bererti keragaman disiplin
ilmu mesti disintesiskan untuk memberikan gambaran alam yang harmonis. 88

The Making of Mahatma

A Biography

The author of 'The Making of MAHATMA', Anuradha Ray completed her Post Graduation in International Relations from Jadavpur University, Calcutta. She has been associated with publishing for the last many years, and has been involved with compilation and editing of a number of books, both descriptive and analytical. She has also been associated with the organising of seminars of various institutions and publications of papers. Anuradha has travelled considerably in the last five years all over the country and found the experience rather enriching. The Making of Mahatma is a chronological narration of the events in the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

The author of 'The Making of MAHATMA', Anuradha Ray completed her Post Graduation in International Relations from Jadavpur University, Calcutta.

Developing Creativity in Writing

This book will teach readers how to develop their creative writing skills. There are short stories or excerpts from some of my other books that readers will read. There are also questions to answers to help you with your writing. This can be done independently or through my website as a creative writing class.

Janet Blaylock. Developing Creativity in Writing Written by Janet Kay Blaylock
Edited by Brenda Willmore Copyright Page No part of this book can be used. 1.

Developing Writing Skills in Italian

Developing Writing Skills in Italian has been specifically designed for upper-intermediate students of Italian who need to write Italian for personal, business and academic purposes. With a strong focus on writing as a meaningful and valuable skill in itself, Developing Writing Skills in Italian supports the learner throughout the process of writing, from the planning and drafting stages to the revising and editing of a final version, enriching and extending the learners’ lexical, grammatical and communicative writing skills. Divided into four logically structured sections the learner can work through a range of realistic and contextualized writing tasks which will allow them to master a variety of styles, registers and formats. Features include: flexible structure a summary of learning points clearly indicated at the beginning of each chapter focus on self assessment, allowing students to engage fully in the writing process by evaluating their own work a glossary of key phrases and useful vocabulary. This course is suitable both for classroom use and independent study. Assessment guides, a teacher’s guide, answer key and supplementary activities are all available on the accompanying website.

Theresa Oliver-Federici. DEVELUPING WRITINS1~ e ~~ ITAL Theresa Oliver-
Federici Developing Writing Skills in Italian Developing Writing Skills in Italian.

How to Write a Grant Application

This concise guide covers the important angles of your grant application, whether for a health research project or personal training programme, and will help you be among the successful applicants. The author, a reviewer for grant funding organisations and internationally respected research scientist, gives you the benefit of his experience from both sides of the process in this easy-to-use, readable guide. The book takes you through the grant application process, explaining how to: Present the justification for the proposed project Describe the study design clearly Estimate the financial costs Understand a typical review process, and how this can influence the contents of the grant application The author provides practical advice on a range of project types (observational studies, clinical trials, laboratory experiments, and systematic reviews) to increase the chance that your application will be successful. There are also tips on what to avoid throughout the application. With generic information about application requirements, How to Write a Grant Application is ideal for healthcare professionals seeking a health services or scientific grant.

Teaching English and Maths in FE

What works for vocational learners?

This book is a guide for all teachers in the FE and Skills Sector, regardless of their discipline. It explores how FE teachers can address the mathematics and English needs of all learners, to redress the skills gap that is a current focus. The text explores what works in the sector, examining the barriers to learning and how all learners can be included. It takes a focused look at what works for the vocational learners who have not succeeded in a school setting, and helps tackle the problem of low motivation in learners. The text goes beyond simply providing strategies to follow and includes background theory and detailed case studies to enhance your understanding of different approaches.

This book is a guide for all teachers in the FE and Skills Sector, regardless of their discipline.