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The Opening (Al-Fatiha)

A Commentary on the First Chapter of the Quran

The principles of Islamic faith are not some abstract ideas. They are vital values to be known, reflected upon, believed and internalized, and with which one should achieve the true submission to God the Almighty. These values will be deepened with reflection and remembrance and nourished by worship in the broadest sense of the terms. If we consider them in our human relations and daily affairs, we will not be overcome by our desires and immoralities. In this way, a believer can stay in the sphere of faith all the time, revolving around its main axis. Matters of faith and its practice are reflected in the first Qur’anic chapter al-Fatiha (the Opening) in a great harmony. In this book, Fehullah Gulen interprets the verses of the most important chapter of the Qur'an for a deeper understanding of its relevance to the essence of Islam. Gulen's analysis is well grounded in the Islamic tradition yet provides fresh insights into the message of the Qur'an for today's readers.

In this book, Fehullah Gulen interprets the verses of the most important chapter of the Qur'an for a deeper understanding of its relevance to the essence of Islam.

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4 penelitian lembaga independen atau perguruan tinggi atau individu, serta
berita media massa.4 Sebagai pembahasan awal, Bab I memaparkan masalah
fundamental ekonomi, masalah krisis, dan masalah globalisasi yang dihadapi
Indonesia. Bab II menyajikan teori- teori pembangunan selayang pandang, Bab
III membahas kebijakan-kebijakan dalam menanggulangi kemiskinan dan
kesenjangan, Bab IV membahas kebijakan-kebijakan penanggulangan
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