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Second Language Sentence Processing

This addition to the Cognitive Science and Second Language Acquisition series presents a comprehensive review of the latest research findings on sentence processing in second language acquisition. The book begins with a broad overview of the core issues of second language sentence processing research and then narrows its focus by dedicating individual chapters to each of these key areas. While a number of publications have discussed research findings on knowledge of formal syntactic principles as part of theories of second language acquisition, there are fewer resources dedicated to the role of second language sentence processing in this context. This volume will act as the first full-length literature review of the field on the market.

This book is a summary of research on second language sentence processing
from the perspective of formal theories of morphosyntax and how such theories
might shed light on second language development (Chomsky, 1981, 1995; White
, ...

Strategic Information Technology

Opportunities for Competitive Advantage

Managers and executives know the importance of integrating business strategy and IT strategy for competitive advantage. Strategic Information Technology: Opportunities for Competitive Advantage provides managers and students alike with an understanding and appreciation for the development of business and information technology strategies to yield competitive advantage.

Information systems researchers continue to grapple with the development of
frameworks to aid managers in the identification of opportunities for the strategic
use of information technology. Many of the current frameworks have been
proposed ...

Information Technology and Collection Management for Library User Environments

Times have changed and library institutions struggle to maintain relevancy in the Information Age. With the inescapable presence of harnessing technologies for information management and access, the role of the library has increased in importance within academic institutions and public communities. Information Technology and Collection Management for Library User Environments brings into focus the new responsibility libraries have in meeting patron needs, specifically with the use of emerging technologies. Highlighting the concepts of collection management, library space planning, and information technologies; this book is a critical guide for library professionals, para-professionals, as well as researchers who wish to meet the diverse needs of patrons in ever-changing societies.

ABSTRACT Along with the shift from print to digital formats, information
technologies are significantly affecting today's libraries. New technologies and
concepts such as mobile devices, social networking sites, communication and
interactive tools, and ... INTRODUCTION The modern ability of individuals and
organizations, through the use of computers and networks, ... information around
the world in a relatively short DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4739-8.ch004 period of
time has been the ...

An Introduction to Geographic Information Technology

Introduction to Geographic Information Technology is an up-to-date introduction that provides a balanced treatment of concepts and techniques required for GIS and Remote Sensing. The book focuses on foundation, integration and practical applications of GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS and other areas of Geographic Information Technology. It also considers how the technology. It also considers how the technology works. The book can be used to give the reader a quick tour through the world of Geographic Information Technology, to help the reader develop a thorough understanding of Geographic Information Technology or as a source of reference information. The authors are scientists, practitioners and teachers who understand student requirements in developing basic foundation required to build specific skills in Geographic Information Technology. The book presented with examples on the subject, makes the study of any branch of Geographic Information Technology from the broader context of geography in general to spatial information resource management in particular. It gives a wholesome coverage of GIS, Remote Sensing and GPS principles as well as data structures, spatial database modeling and their applications.

In this data model the central object of study is the transport network in a target
area but the digital representation of these networks ... Entities exist both in the
real world and in the database or digital world, table, shows the various

Mengenal epistemologi

sebuah pembuktian terhadap rapuhnya pemikiran asing dan kekohnya pemikiran Islam

Metode Riset Komunikasi Organisasi

Sebuah Pendekatan Kuantitatif, Dilengkapi Dengan Contoh Proposal Dan Hasil Riset Komunikasi Organisasi

Studi Islam di perguruan tinggi

pembinaan imtaq dan pengembangan wawasan

menyatakan: Islam is indeed mucb more tban a system of theology, it is a
complete civilization (Islam sungguh bukan sekedar suatu sitem teologi semata,
melainkan lebih merupakan suatu bentuk peradaban yang lengkap) (Anshari,
1983, h. 119). Berdasarkan kenyataan tersebut, Leopold Weiss (berganti nama
Mohammad Asad) mengemukakan alasan ketika ia masuk Islam bahwa Islam
merupakan ajaran moral dan program hidup praktis. Sehubungan dengan hal itu
George ...