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On Our Minds

How Evolutionary Psychology Is Reshaping the Nature versus Nurture Debate

There is no question more fundamental to human existence than that posed by the nature-versus-nurture debate. For much of the past century, it was widely believed that there was no essential human nature and that people could be educated or socialized to thrive in almost any imaginable culture. Today, that orthodoxy is being directly and forcefully challenged by a new science of the mind: evolutionary psychology. Like the theory of evolution itself, the implications of evolutionary psychology are provocative and unsettling. Rather than viewing the human mind as a mysterious black box or a blank slate, evolutionary psychologists see it as a physical organ that has evolved to process certain types of information in certain ways that enables us to thrive only in certain types of cultures. In On Our Minds, Eric M. Gander examines all sides of the public debate between evolutionary psychologists and their critics. Paying particularly close attention to the popular science writings of Steven Pinker, Edward O. Wilson, Richard Dawkins, and Stephen Jay Gould, Gander traces the history of the controversy, succinctly summarizes the claims and theories of the evolutionary psychologists, dissects the various arguments deployed by each side, and considers in detail the far-reaching ramifications—social, cultural, and political—of this debate. Gander's lucid and highly readable account concludes that evolutionary psychology now holds the potential to answer our oldest and most profound moral and philosophical questions, fundamentally changing our self–perception as a species. -- Boguslaw Pawlowski

appeared, Jensen was a more controversial figure in the field of intelligence
research than Herrnstein himself. Indeed, the first mention we get of Jensen in
Herrnstein's article comes by way of a reference to Jensen's infamous 1969
article ...

Deeper Learning

7 Powerful Strategies for In-Depth and Longer-Lasting Learning

Looks at ways teachers can incorporate learning and content processing techniques into classroom instruction.

Looks at ways teachers can incorporate learning and content processing techniques into classroom instruction.

Filsafat Pendidikan Akhlak

Kenapa harus menamakan buku ini “filsafat”, karena isinya lebih dominan berupa essay-essay filsafat. Kenapa tidak menamakannya akhlak bukan karakater, karena istilah akhlak lebih umum yang mencakup etika, moral, adab, dan juga karakter. Selain itu, kata akhlak adalah khas nomenklatur Islam. Filsafat Pendidikan Akhlak dalam buku ini berupaya berteori secara filosofis tentang pendidikan akhlak. Buku ini juga tetap memperhatikan teori-teori terapan karena pendidikan akhlak haruslah bersifat aplikatif. Salah satu bab dari buku ini lebih banyak membahas tentang ilmu pendidikan akhlak. Walaupun buku Filsafat Pendidikan Akhlak, tidak berarti absen membahas Ilmu Pendidikan Akhlak. Ketika Ilmu Pendidikan Akhlak dikemukakan, tujuannya untuk membantu memahami Filsafat Pendidikan Akhlak.

Yang terkenal adalah tilmîdz, thâlib, dan al-muta`allim. Ilmu dalam Ensiklopedia
Alquran: Kajian Kosakata disebutkan beberapa definisi. Pertama menurut Ibn
Faris menyebut “bekas sesuatu yang dengannya dapat dibedakan sesuatu
dengan ...

Rahasia Nikmatnya Menghafal Al-Quran

Siapa pun Anda, Anda adalah penghafal Al-Quran Siang itu, Juni 2002, hari pertama ia menghafal Al-Quran. Ia sangat gelisah karena tak bisa-bisa menghafal Surah Al-Naba. Namun, pada hari-hari berikutnya kemudahan Al-Quran seakan terus menyambutnya. Hingga pagi itu, hari ke-56, ia khatamkan seluruh hafalan Al-Quran. Rasa syukur meliputi dirinya. Ia saksikan matahari Dhuha, pepohonan dan dedaunan seakan mengalungkan bunga kepada dirinya. Ialah Deden M. Makhyaruddin. Dalam buku ini, ia menjelaskan bagaimana menghafal Al-Quran menjadi berkualitas dan berkarakter, bukan sekadar mudah, tetapi menjadi kenikmatan tersendiri saat melakukannya. Menghafal tak mesti terburu-buru, karena Al-Quran adalah hidangan terlezat untuk dinikmati sepanjang hayat. Dan, berapa pun ayat dan surah yang Anda hafal, hafalan ini perlu dijaga, dinikmati, dan lebih baik ditambah. [Mizan, Noura Books, Nourabooks, Ibadah, Kitab Suci, Al-Quran, Islam, Indonesia]

Penulis, sebagai penghafal Al-Quran atau, paling tidak, pernah menghafal Al-
Quran hingga khatam dan Juara 1 internasional, bahkan malu bila disebut hafiz
Al-Quran. Sebab, hifzh Al-Quran itu, sebagaimana dikemukakan Ibn Al-Mubârak,
bukan sekadar hafal, apalagi juara, tetapi juga mengamalkannya. Sebaliknya,
bagi yang belum hafal Al-Quran, hindari memberikan penilaian buruk terhadap
penghafal Al-Quran yang tampak tidak mengamalkan, karena penilaian buruk itu

Pidana Islam dalam politik hukum Indonesia

eklektisisme dan pandangan non Muslim

On criminal law from Islamic perspective in Indonesia.

On criminal law from Islamic perspective in Indonesia.

Grizzly Fond

Chiefdom Dominion: Epitome

Bomber’s Saphie. Die! Or perhaps live in a steel dungeon. Your fate is high mastered. Big Donkey Frog Alien, Green Turtle Droid, and Strong Hollow Space Science – all provided at your standard retail. It is 2250 and one month since the welcoming banquet for Agent Jetmond Thadius Sky, the first publicized Mooredian alien to visit Earth. Je is a “quad core mutant” descended from Atlanteans, with titanium-reinforced bones, a turtlelike droid companion on his back, and the equivalent of nuclear fusion reactors in his body. Agent Sky is traveling through time and space in an attempt to prod humanity into transforming into creating a passive civilization. Sky is under the direction of the Hoodia, an extraterrestrial reptilian race. He is also an “operant swine,” one of several chosen by aliens to accelerate humanity’s development into a peaceful, responsible civilization. The scheme—carried out for millennia under the guise of computer-generated angels, spirit possession, and messiahs—is being directed by the extraterrestrial reptilian race called the Hoodia. When Jet realizes it’s all part of a gigantic bet the Hoodia have placed with the Interstellar Gambling Commission, he loses confidence in their good intentions. When Sky discovers the Hoodia may not be who they proclaim to be, he captains his own ship on a quest to challenge their control over mankind’s destiny. Jet partners with Selector—an elite secret society with a religious-based master plan to repopulate the Earth with dangerous wildlife that will prey on interloping ETs—as well as above-classified government agency Ultra. Much of the antics, including Jet's delving into the past of a Rat Pack–esque bunch of roguish entertainers called the Snake Squad, seem like recruiting/hazing rituals indulged by these shadowy cabals. Finally, Jet voyages through a stargate to the 1980s and onward to the pristine wilderness planet of Aracelle to harvest hundreds of ferocious grizzly bears and wolves to fight for the future, also uniting several space-going races in battles against compromised solar system installations. He likewise tries to rescue his girlfriend from pseudo-angel captivity. Jet leads a ferocious battle for the future, and seeks to unite several races. As Sky contemplates the validity of his mission and grasps he could inadvertently draw the United States and Earth into an intergalactic war, he realizes his adventure is far from over and, that in the end, he will either be a hero or a failure. In this continuing science fiction tale, a quad core mutant with super powers embarks on a dangerous journey to stop an extraterrestrial race from controlling humanity’s destiny forever. It’s as busy as an out-of-control pinball machine, and after all the wild detours and ricochets, the ending has Jet seemingly reconsidering his mission. There is ample evidence, however, that his weird adventure has not at all ended. From here on out you set your own code. Then your code is written. But if you want to survive, we'll encode it for you. Grizzly of mind. Jet's a jynx addict. A fast-paced crazy careening space time adventure. May your HEMTTs travel long distances with very little bio diesel and your wife have majestic tits. Start with high adventure. After go back to where it all began in the trilogy. The conclusion rates high in originality.

ICE.” RUSH says. “But you knew when you hired him that he was on psych meds.
His doctor is trying a new serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Give him some time to
adjust to the meds.” “So are you saying he's not fit for duty?” “The effects have
been ...

Microsoft Navision 4.0

Jump Start to Optimisation

In the last year and a half worldwide interest in the ERP solution Microsoft Navision has more than doubled, and with good rea son. This solution had already a broad and solid utility when it was first purchased by Microsoft in early 2002, and now with the leadership and resources of Microsoft the Microsoft Navision ERP solution has quickly and dramatically grown in new and promis ing areas. The recently released version 4. 0 is truly a compre hensive solution to the complex business information manage ment and analysis problems of the average medium to small sized firm (it has also been successful through some intelligent application and development in some large and competitive in ternational corporations as well. ) Whether your firm is a fabrica tion firm, merchandising firm or a purely service based estab lishment Microsoft Navision has tools that can streamline and op timise your information infrastructure. Noted areas of improve ment are: • Increased user friendliness through the use of adaptable pro-cess-oriented menu systems • Increased Microsoft Office integration • Increased business information analysis possibilities like "Sales Analysis by Dimensions" • Increased data import/export flexibility through the devel opment of XML ports • Increased work-flow management with an automatic notifi cation system • Increased support of Country specific features such as coun try-specific VAT reporting All of these points help give Microsoft Navision the advantages over other small to mid-market ERP solutions. And these factors explain the growth of world interest in Microsoft Navision.

The recently released version 4. 0 is truly a compre hensive solution to the complex business information manage ment and analysis problems of the average medium to small sized firm (it has also been successful through some intelligent ...

Implementasi norma standar rumah detensi imigrasi dalam upaya pencegahan konflik antar deteni

On the need of standardization of detention centers for illegal immigrants in Indonesia related to the rights of detainers.


The Fundamentals

UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System) will offer a consistent set of services to mobile computer and phone users no matter where they are located in the world. Based on the GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) communication standard, UMTS is the planned standard for mobile users around the world. This book clearly describes the basics of this revolutionary technology.

Based on the GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) communication standard, UMTS is the planned standard for mobile users around the world. This book clearly describes the basics of this revolutionary technology.

Akulturasi nilai-nilai persaudaraan Islam model dayah Aceh

Revision of the author's thesis (doctoral)--Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor.

Dengan menggunakan metode pembelajaran yang lama seperti disebutkan di
atas, dan juga kurikulum yang klasik itu, tantangan yang dihadapi oleh dayah
semakin berat, ... Kaidah lain yang digunakan adalah muwahhad atau terpadu.