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Filsafat modern

dari Machiavelli sampai Nietzsche

Pengetahuan harus didasarkan pada observasi empiris, demikianlah
pengandaian ilmu-ilmu dewasa ini. Sikap empiris macam ini cukup menggejala
di Inggris, sehingga kerap kali tradisi Anglosak- son disamakan dengan tradisi

Pemberdayaan penduduk dan peningkatan kualitas sumber daya manusia

Empowerment of rural people, alleviation of poverty, and increasing the quality of human resources in Indonesia.

Lebih dari itu juga karena tingkat pendidikan yang rendah dan penyediaan
lapangan kerja yang belum mencukupi, ... Meskipun pengembangan SDM tidak
hanya dilakukan melalui pendidikan, khususnya pendidikan formal, namun
sampai ...

Co-operative Management of Local Fisheries

New Directions for Improved Management and Community Development

In recent years concern over the mismanagement and depletion of our natural resources has grown. Innovative responses to this trend have been developed in the management of fisheries when groups or communities of fishermen and various levels of government in Canada and the United States have worked out agreements to share decision-making. This book is the first to consolidate information on the different routes by which these co-operative management arrangements have evolved. The authors include anthropologists, environmental planners, biologists, economists, fishery managers and tribal and governmental leaders. Their contributions examine the process of achieving co-management, the institutions created by co-management arrangements, and the benefits which result. Some of these benefits include more efficient and equitable management, less conflict between government and fishermen, and better co-operation between groups of fishermen. As the cost of centralized government rises and as resource-dependent regions demand greater control over development, co- operative management will become one of the most important means of regulating the use of certain natural resources. Co-operative Management of Local Fisheries looks at successes and failures of these arrangements for shared decision-making and offers guidelines for viable co-operative management.

Getting to Co-Management: Social Learning in the Redesign of Fisheries
Management Norman Dale INTRODUCTION There is increasing good currency
in the idea of sharing resource management authority between government
agencies ...

Sketsa Pemikiran Politik Islam

Sistem politik saat ini sangat didominasi oleh sistem politik Barat. Konsep nation state seakan menjadi sistem politik mainstream, dominan dan tak tergoyahkan. Padahal sistem ini baru muncul setelah Barat mencapai masa kebangkitan (aukflarung) pada sekitar abad ke-17 Masehi dan established setelah Turki mengalami kekalahan pada Perang Dunia I (1918). Sejarah tidak bisa menutup mata bahwa sebelumnya terdapat sistem politik yang mendominasi dunia selama kurang lebih 13 Abad lamanya (630-1924). Sistem politik tersebut adalah politik Islam. Islam sebagai kekuatan politik telah menjadi penguasa Dunia (super power) terlama dalam sejarah perpolitikan manusia. Di samping itu, Islam juga telah mewariskan pemikiran (filsafat) politik yang tak ternilai harganya. Warisan pemikiran politik Islam kalau disederhanakan bisa dibagi menjadi tiga klasifikasi. Pertama, pemikiran yang menganggap bahwa agama dan negara tidak bisa dipisahkan, Islam adalah akidah, ibadah, muamalah, dan semua aspek kehidupan manusia termasuk di dalamnya masalah politik. Tokoh yang mewakili kelompok ini adalah seperti al- Maududi, Hasan al-Banna dan lain sebagainya. Kedua, pemikiran yang menganggap bahwa agama harus terpisah atau tidak memiliki hubungan dengan politik.

Zusiana Elly Triantini Pendahuluan Islam memiliki peradaban yang diakui dunia
sebagai peradaban yang kuat dan tegar. Terdapat beberapa fakta yang
menjadikan peradaban Islam dianggap sebagai peradaban yang kuat dan tegar.

OFF THE WALL Prison Art & Humor

I wanted to show the world that rehabilitation of criminals is a reality and not just a dream. Since most are in prison for property crimes, which stem from living in poverty, it just did not seem smart to lock them up a few years and then kick them out just as poor as they went in. Off The Wall will enable me to hire convicts by buying their art and prose. It will be therapy for some and more money for most. At least they will have a fighting chance. What do they have now? Please note that some of this stuff is gross, weird, unusual, and bizarre. Profanity! This is a combination of humor and expose/opinions. Something for everybody. But not for those who are easily offended or grossed out. Very ingenious stuff, though. A good read! See preview.

The first magnet out lines up with the positive pole to the right. This magnet has a
magnitude of 7 (on a scale where 10 is optimum). Next comes a magnet which
has a magnitude of 2 and has the positive pole to the left. Then comes a magnet

Up Against the Wall

Re-Imagining the U.S.-Mexico Border

As increasing global economic disparities, violence, and climate change provoke a rising tide of forced migration, many countries and local communities are responding by building walls—literal and metaphorical—between citizens and newcomers. Up Against the Wall: Re-imagining the U.S.-Mexico Border examines the temptation to construct such walls through a penetrating analysis of the U.S. wall at the U.S.-Mexico border, as well as investigating the walling out of Mexicans in local communities. Calling into question the building of a wall against a friendly neighboring nation, Up Against the Wall offers an analysis of the differences between borders and boundaries. This analysis opens the way to envisioning alternatives to the stark and policed divisions that are imposed by walls of all kinds. Tracing the consequences of imperialism and colonization as citizens grapple with new migrant neighbors, the book paints compelling examples from key locales affected by the wall—Nogales, Arizona vs. Nogales, Sonora; Tijuana/San Diego; and the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. An extended case study of Santa Barbara describes the creation of an internal colony in the aftermath of the U.S. conquest of Mexican land, a history that is relevant to many U.S. cities and towns. Ranging from human rights issues in the wake of massive global migration to the role of national restorative shame in the United States for the treatment of Mexicans since 1848, the authors delve into the broad repercussions of the unjust and often tragic consequences of excluding others through walled structures along with the withholding of citizenship and full societal inclusion. Through the lens of a detailed examination of forced migration from Mexico to the United States, this transdisciplinary text, drawing on philosophy, psychology, and political theory, opens up multiple insights into how nations and communities can coexist with more justice and more compassion.

Heidegger has linked pole and polis, as in this statement: “Perhaps the polis is
that realm and locale around which everything question-worthy and uncanny
turns in an exceptional sense. The polis is polos, that is, the pole, the swirl [
Wirbel] in ...