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Konštanty romantizmu a Sergej Makara

zborník vedeckých štúdií na počesť životného jubilea Doc. Ph.Dr. Sergeja Makaru, PhD.

Javanese Performances on an Indonesian Stage

Celebrating Culture, Embracing Change

During the dramatic economic and social transformation of late twentieth-century Indonesia, theatre performances in Central Java featured a familiar cast of rulers, nobles, clown servants and ordinary people. However, these presentations were not a repetition of age-old cultural traditions . Instead, by stretching the framework of Javanese theatrical convention, theatre troupes challenged dominant cultural and political values. As political pressures intensified in the final months of the New Order regime, their witty, critical performances drew enthusiastic, oppositionist crowds. The dismantling of repressive state control after the fall of Suharto in 1998 diminished interest in political critiques from the stage, and growing economic weakness caused patronage and sponsorship to dry up. By 2003-04, however, a revival was underway as performers engaged with the politics of regional autonomy and democratization, and actors responded to the devastating Yogyakarta earthquake of 2006 by staging shows in the worst-affected areas to help sustain community spirit and pride in local culture. Barbara Hatley's account of more than thirty years of theatre activities and social change shows how performers and audiences have adapted, resisted, incorporated and survived. As Indonesian society evolves, Javanese performances continue to engage with ever-changing social contexts, expressing the dynamic resilience and sense of identity of those who stage and watch them.

'Progressive' bureaucrats and educationalists promoted their vision of ketoprak
as modern drama, characterised by linear plots and psychological realism, while
experts in traditional music and classical dance applied aesthetic concepts from ...

Ilusi negara Islam

ekspansi gerakan Islam transnasional di Indonesia

On the expansion of transnational Islamic fundamentalism in Indonesia.

Dan dengan tepat Pancasila merefleksikan pesan-pesan luhur agama ini: Hyang
Mahaesa, nilai-nilai kemanusiaan, perasaan sebagai satu-kesatuan,
musyawarah dalam kepemimpinan, dan keadilan. Pesan-pesan luhur inilah
yang belakangan digugat dan dihujat oleh kelompok-kelompok garis keras
sebagai penyebab degradasi moral dan keterpurukan bangsa Indonesia, baik
dalam bidang politik maupun ekonomi. Tujuannya jelas, dengan
mendiskreditkan Pancasila mereka ...

Instructional Design for Special Education

This book is designed for senior undergraduate and graduate students in
courses on instructional design. The material is suitable for regular education
students in general, and special education students in particular. No previous
training or instruction is required; thus, the material is introductory. Because the
text provides an in-depth study of each topic, and because many research
questions are raised, the content is also suitable for advanced students. As the
techniques described ...

Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases XVIII

"In the last decades, information modelling and knowledge bases have become hot topics not only in academic communities related to information systems and computer science, but also in business areas where information technology is applied. This book aims to exchange scientific results and experiences achieved in computer science and other related disciplines using innovative methods and progressive approaches. A platform has been established drawing together researches as well as practitioners dealing with information modelling and knowledge bases. The main topics of this publication target the variety of themes in the domain of information modelling, conceptual analysis, design and specification of information systems, ontologies, software engineering, knowledge and process management, data and knowledge bases. The editors also aim at applying new progressive theories. To this end, much attention is also being paid to theoretical disciplines including cognitive science, artificial intelligence, logic, linguistics and analytical philosophy. The selected papers cover many areas of information modelling, namely theory of concepts, database semantics, knowledge representation, software engineering, WWW information management, context-based information retrieval, ontological technology, image databases, temporal and spatial databases, document data management, process management, and many others."

but computers still do not understand natural language. It seems more and more
difficult to believe in success of natural language systems with built-in semantics.
The best-known system of this type - Cyc - has been developed for 21 years (
using milliards of dollars) and it is still not working. Natural language is a dynamic
system, which is constantly changing (emerging), new words, new meanings of
old words etc appear all the time. There is no such thing as ONE (e.g. english) ...