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Two Sides of the Coin

Independence and Nakba 1948. Two Narratives of the 1948 War and Its Outcome [English-Hebrew Edition]

Allush, Naji, The Arab Resistance in Palestine [al-Muqawama al-Arabia fi Filastin]
(Beirut, 1968) (in Arabic). al-Sakakini, Khalil, Diaries of Khalil al-Sakakini: The
Second Book: Orthodox Awaking, The Greatest War, the Expulsion to Damascus
1914-1918 [Yawymiyat Khalil al-Sakakini: al-Kitab al-Thani: al-Nahda
alUrthuksiya, al-Harb al-Kubra, al-Nafy ila Dimashq 1914-1918] (al-Quds, 2004) (
in Arabic). al-Tal, Abud Allah, Disaster ofPalestine: Memories ofAbd -Ullah al-Tall
: Leader of ...

Enterprise Modeling and Computing with UML

"This book bridges two fields that, although closely related, are often studied in isolation: enterprise modeling and information systems modeling. The principal idea is to use a standard language for modeling information systems, UML, as a catalyst and investigate its potential for modeling enterprises"--Provided by publisher.

"This book bridges two fields that, although closely related, are often studied in isolation: enterprise modeling and information systems modeling.

Artificial Intelligence in Logic Design

There are three outstanding points of this book. First: for the first time, a collective point of view on the role of artificial intelligence paradigm in logic design is introduced. Second, the book reveals new horizons of logic design tools on the technologies of the near future. Finally, the contributors of the book are twenty recognizable leaders in the field from the seven research centres. The chapters of the book have been carefully reviewed by equally qualified experts. All contributors are experienced in practical electronic design and in teaching engineering courses. Thus, the book's style is accessible to graduate students, practical engineers and researchers.

from Mishchenko's and our algorithms confirmed the above observation. The
decision diagram based exact algorithms are also inefficient for larger difficult
problem instances (e.g. for benchmarks “Flag” and “Mashroom” having 28 and 22
inputs, correspondingly (Mishchenko et al. 2000)). 5.2. QuickScan Inefficiency of
exact algorithms for larger instances of MISP motivates the development of faster
heuristic algorithms. Although the heuristic algorithms cannot guarantee the
optimal ...

Corporate Governance

Promises Kept, Promises Broken

Even in the wake of the biggest financial crash of the postwar era, the United States continues to rely on Securities and Exchange Commission oversight and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which set tougher rules for boards, management, and public accounting firms to protect the interests of shareholders. Such reliance is badly misplaced. In Corporate Governance, Jonathan Macey argues that less government regulation--not more--is what's needed to ensure that managers of public companies keep their promises to investors. Macey tells how heightened government oversight has put a stranglehold on what is the best protection against malfeasance by self-serving management: the market itself. Corporate governance, he shows, is about keeping promises to shareholders; failure to do so results in diminished investor confidence, which leads to capital flight and other dire economic consequences. Macey explains the relationship between corporate governance and the various market and nonmarket institutions and mechanisms used to control public corporations; he discusses how nonmarket corporate governance devices such as boards and whistle-blowers are highly susceptible to being co-opted by management and are generally guided more by self-interest and personal greed than by investor interests. In contrast, market-driven mechanisms such as trading and takeovers represent more reliable solutions to the problem of corporate governance. Inefficient regulations are increasingly hampering these important and truly effective corporate controls. Macey examines a variety of possible means of corporate governance, including shareholder voting, hedge funds, and private equity funds. Corporate Governance reveals why the market is the best guardian of shareholder interests.

The existing literature on corporate governance is enriched by this book."--Donald C. Langevoort, Georgetown University "This book is important, interesting, and argumentative.

Zakat dan pajak

Zakat and taz according Islamic viewpoint in Indonesia; papers of seminars.

Kemudian ia melanjutkan ke Universitas Al-Azhar Kairo, dengan mendapat gelar
Master Of Arts (MA) Syariah (1978), ... terhadap Istinbath Para Fuqaha Abad ke-2
Hijryah, Konsepsi Pangan Menurut Islam dan Upaya Pengembangannya^ ...

Second Language Acquisition and the Younger Learner

Child's Play?

This new volume of work highlights the distinctiveness of child SLA through a collection of different types of empirical research specific to younger learners. Characteristics of children's cognitive, emotional, and social development distinguish their experiences from those of adult L2 learners, creating intriguing issues for SLA research, and also raising important practical questions regarding effective pedagogical techniques for learners of different ages. While child SLA is often typically thought of as simple (and often enjoyable and universally effortless), in other words, as “child's play”, the complex portraits of young second language learners which emerge in the 16 papers collected in this book invite the reader to reconsider the reality for many younger learners. Chapters by internationally renowned authors together with reports by emerging researchers describe second and foreign language learning by children ranging from pre-schoolers to young adolescents, in home and school contexts, with caregivers, peers, and teachers as interlocutors.

Acquiring Japanese as a second language (JSL) in a naturalistic context A
longitudinal study of a young child from a Processability Theory (PT) perspective
Junko Iwasaki Edith Cowan University In recent times Processability Theory (PT)

Ekonomi Islam, kelembagaan, dan konteks keindonesiaan

dari politik makro ekonomi hingga realisasi mikro

On macro-economics from Islamic perspective in Indonesia.

On macro-economics from Islamic perspective in Indonesia.