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Biological Order and Brain Organization

Selected Works of W.R.Hess

The centennial of his birthday (17 March 1881) prompted the publi cation of the Selected Works of Walter Rudolf Hess. Although English translation of several of his monographs have appeared, none of his orig inal papers has ever been published in the English language. During his sci entific career, Hess made pioneering contributions in the field of hemo dynamics, pyhsiological optics, oculomotor diagnostics, regulation of cir culation, respiration and temperature, and finally on the somatomotor, vis ceral, and emotional functions of the diencephalon. His concepts concern ing organization and order in physiology and his views on the important role of the vegetative nervous system in regulating the activity of the central ner vous system are of great interest to science and medicine and were in many respects far in advance of his time. These concepts continue a line of thought which was upheld by such famous physiologists as Xavier Bichat, Claude Bernard, and Walter B. Cannon. Indeed, Walter Rudolf Hess has become one of the rare figures in the recent history of physiology willing to carry out an integrative analysis of bodily functions and to search for the basic principles of regulation and interaction between regulatory systems. In fact, he anticipated such ideas in biology as feedback control and ser vomechanisms long before these notions evolved in the field of engineering and electronics.

1936 1937 1938 1939 Hess, W.R.: Filmdemonstrationen zur Physiologie des
Zwischenhirns. Verh. Schweiz. Physiol. (Juni) pp. 18–19. Basel: Schwabe Hess,
W.R.: Zentrale Vertretung von Hilfsfunktionen des vegetativen Systems. Schweiz.

Case Studies in Maintenance and Reliability

A Wealth of Best Practices

This unique and practical book describes 42 real-life events and/or situations in the careers of the three authors from which they gained insights into the applicable best practices in maintenance and reliability. Designed to share knowledge and experience with the readers, in a readily accessible fashion, this resource does not tell the readers what to do or how to do it; it merely explains the event or situation the authors faced, and how they dealt with it. These stories are dynamic illustrations of real life situations which readers will recognize in their own work situations. With a vast potential for improvements in reliability and maintenance performance in industry, these wellproven approaches and best practices are sure to help stimulate improved performance on all fronts--safety and environmental, production, maintenance costs, and reputation!

These stories are dynamic illustrations of real life situations which readers will recognize in their own work situations.

Enhanced Discovering Computers, Essentials

Based on extensive customer feedback, DISCOVERING COMPUTERS ©2014 has been completely reexamined and revised to reflect the evolving needs of the concepts portion of the Introductory Computing course. This exciting new edition maintains many longstanding hallmarks, but is now highly focused on relevancy to provide students only with what they really need to know to be successful digital citizens in college and beyond. To better reflect the importance of certain topics in today's digital world, coverage of enterprise computing, ethics, Internet research skills, mobile computing, operating systems (other than Windows), browsers, security, and Web 2.0 has been expanded and integrated. New critical thinking and problem solving exercises are included in every feature throughout the text, engaging students in regular practice of higher-order thinking skills. In addition, students have more opportunity for hands-on practice with the completely revised end-of-chapter activities. With these enhancements and more, the new DISCOVERING COMPUTERS is an even more engaging teaching and learning tool for your classroom. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

IT Solutions Series: Humanizing Information Technology: Advice from Experts

Advice from Experts

The role of information technology (IT) has becoming increasingly important in both private and public sectors over recent years. The advent of personal computers, information networks, and the Internet has engendered an information revolution, which has created new means of production, new communication patterns, and new work processes. The ability to buy and sell goods and services via the Internet has led to new private sector industries and new business and government models. Furthermore, there is an emerging realization that implementation of IT is more than just a shift in communication patterns or mediums. At least potentially, it involves a transformation of an organization's culture.

He was named one of Federal Computer Week Magazine's “Federal 100” in
February of 2003 and Computerworld Magazine's “100 Information Technology
Leaders” in January of 2002. He was recognized on Government Technology ...

Concept-Oriented Research and Development in Information Technology

A pioneering, concept-oriented research and development approach improves business results in technology-driven industries With contributions from IT, systems, and operations experts from around the globe, this book sets forth a tested and proven, concept-oriented R&D approach that far surpasses the results of conventional R&D. The authors explain how to create a clear concept, then build upon that concept by developing a chain of technologies and target markets in order to create, sustain, and grow successful business operations. Real-world examples and case studies from IBM and Hitachi illustrate how the concept-oriented approach can be applied to IT and other technology-driven industries anywhere in the world. Concept-Oriented Research and Development in Information Technology sheds new light on the complex relationships between concept, technology and market, explaining how all of these elements are enhanced with a concept-oriented R&D approach. Throughout the book, readers will learn a variety of innovative perspectives and methods for concept creation, technology innovation, and market cultivation. Part I, Introduction, makes the case for a paradigm shift in R&D from a conventional approach to a concept-oriented one. Part II, Concept Creation, liffers four perspectives on the application of the concept-oriented approach. Part III, Fusion of Technologies, illustrates the need to fuse technologies to accommodate rapidly changing and unpredictable demands on business infrastructure. Part IV, Glocalization of Technologies, explains why businesses need to diversify globally, yet remain in tune with local markets. Part V, Conclusions and Future Directions, explores the potential of the concept-oriented approach to evolve with the changing needs of business and R&D. Concept-Oriented Research and Development in Information Technology helps students and professionals in IT, engineering, systems, and operations approach R&D in new ways that lead to better technologies and better businesses.

The concept of R&D involved in creating a chain of technologies and markets is
divided into technology and business concepts. The technology concept is a
generalabstractapproach forcharacterizing abasisfor technologies to be created ...

Propaganda and the Ethics of Persuasion - Second Edition

This book develops a sophisticated account of propaganda and its intriguing history. It begins with a brief overview of Western propaganda, including Ancient Greek theories of rhetoric, and traces propaganda’s development through the Christian era, the rise of the nation-state, World War I, Nazism, Communism, and the present day. The core of the book examines the ethical implications of various forms of persuasion, not only hate propaganda but also insidious elements of more generally acceptable communication such as advertising, public relations, and government information, setting these in the context of freedom of expression. This new edition is updated throughout, and includes additional revelations about a key atrocity story of World War I.

Technique. An. Analysis. IntroDUCtIon If we keep in mind the notion of
propaganda as an organized attempt to affect a given audience's beliefs and
actions through communications that circumvent or suppress an individual's
ability to judge ...

Public Relations Worktext

A Writing and Planning Resource

This textbook gives students both the fundamental knowledge and the basic writing preparation required to begin careers as public relations writers. For public relations courses.

This textbook gives students both the fundamental knowledge and the basic writing preparation required to begin careers as public relations writers. For public relations courses.