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A dictionary of sociolinguistics

The authors have taught and researched widely across different areas of sociolinguistics. They also draw on their experience of working in different geographical areas, including the USA, UK and Europe, Australia, southern Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

The authors have taught and researched widely across different areas of sociolinguistics.

Introducing Sociolinguistics

This second edition of Miriam Meyerhoff’s highly successful textbook is supported by the Routledge Sociolinguistics Reader and online resources common to both books. It provides a solid, up-to-date appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of the field covering foundation issues, recent advances and current debates. It presents familiar or classic data in new ways, and supplements the familiar with fresh examples from a wide range of languages and social settings. It clearly explains the patterns and systems that underlie language variation in use, as well as the ways in which alternations between different language varieties index personal style, social power and national identity. New features of the second edition: a wider range of approaches to politeness theory incorporating an international range of research expanded sections on multi-lingualism and code-switching, social class, dialect contact and tracking change over time linkage to the new Routledge Sociolinguistics Reader which can be used alongside this textbook, allowing students to supplement and build on material covered in the textbook. a shared website serving both Reader and Textbook which includes web- and video-links, interactive exercises and an expanded online glossary at: a refreshed text design to assist navigation through textbook and reader. Each chapter includes exercises that enable readers to engage critically with the text, break-out boxes making connections between sociolinguistics and linguistic or social theory, and brief, lively add-ons guaranteed to make the book a memorable and enjoyable read. With a full glossary of terms and suggestions for further reading, this text gives students all the tools they need for an excellent command of sociolinguistics.

Equipping students with the necessary tools for an excellent command of the subject, this new edition explores a range of topics, including language attitudes, gender, and social dialects.

Modernism, Media, and Propaganda

British Narrative from 1900 to 1945

Though often defined as having opposite aims, means, and effects, modernism and modern propaganda developed at the same time and influenced each other in surprising ways. The professional propagandist emerged as one kind of information specialist, the modernist writer as another. Britain was particularly important to this double history. By secretly hiring well-known writers and intellectuals to write for the government and by exploiting their control of new global information systems, the British in World War I invented a new template for the manipulation of information that remains with us to this day. Making a persuasive case for the importance of understanding modernism in the context of the history of modern propaganda, Modernism, Media, and Propaganda also helps explain the origins of today's highly propagandized world. Modernism, Media, and Propaganda integrates new archival research with fresh interpretations of British fiction and film to provide a comprehensive cultural history of the relationship between modernism and propaganda in Britain during the first half of the twentieth century. From works by Joseph Conrad to propaganda films by Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles, Mark Wollaeger traces the transition from literary to cinematic propaganda while offering compelling close readings of major fiction by Virginia Woolf, Ford Madox Ford, and James Joyce.

With respect to style and narrative technique, the three books are
indistinguishable. ... propagandize even as he wrote propaganda grounded in
impressionist technique, Ford betrays a deeper connection between modernism
and propaganda.

The Public Relations Writer's Handbook

The Digital Age

The second edition of the Public Relations Writer’s Handbook offers a simple, step-by-step approach to creating a wide range of writing, from basic news releases, pitch letters, biographies, and media alerts, to more complex and sophisticated speeches, media campaign proposals, crisis responses, and in-house publications. In addition, the thoroughly expanded and updated second edition shows how to keep up with the best practices of the public relations profession, as well as with the speed made possible and required by the digital age.

Research Thefirststepinpreparinganewsrelease,aswithallothereffective public
relations writing, is to research the story. Learn as much as you can about the
subject of the release. For example, review any existing client material such as
press ...

Marketing politik

Antara Pemahaman dan Realitas

On political conditions and political marketing in Indonesia.

Demokrasi tidak hanya menyelenggarakan pemilu secara berkala, tetapi juga
perlu didukung oleh penegakan hak asasi manusia, hukum yang berwibawa,
kesadaran politik masyarakat secara luas, dan adanya pergantian kekuasaan
secara ...

Bunga rampai hasil penelitian bahasa dan sastra

Language and literature of Sulawesi Selatan Province; collection of research reports.

... dilaksanakan); (e) Kelima, hukum (pertimbangan-pertimbangan berdasarkan
kejadian masa lampau atau keputusan ... normatif dan bernilai sakral, maka ia
memiliki kandungan semantis yang mendalam sehingga maksud dan tujuannya

Psikologi Orang Berjaya Edisi 2017

Kejayaan dipengaruhi oleh banyak faktor, bukan setakat kelulusan akademik, modal, semangat, dan kecekalan. Buku ini adalah usaha sederhana bagi menerangkan faktor-faktor selain daripada yang empat itu, yang begitu mempengaruhi kejayaan. Ini bukanlah buku terbaik, tetapi mudah-mudahan dengan terbitnya buku ini pembaca mendapat maklumat yang membantu mereka mengorientasikan semula sistem keutamaan mereka dalam mengejar kejayaan.

Kejayaan dipengaruhi oleh banyak faktor, bukan setakat kelulusan akademik, modal, semangat, dan kecekalan.