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A Comprehensive, Annotated Bibliography on Mahatma Gandhi: Biographies, works by Gandhi, and bibliographical sources

The first of three volumes, this comprehensive bibliography of more than 2,200 entries includes all English-language biographies of Gandhi, writings by Gandhi, and bibliographic sources. A unique aspect of the work is a section on books read by Gandhi, a useful list for those seeking insight on Gandhi. Pandiri has carefully examined the titles included and, unlike many earlier bibliographers, he has annotated all of Gandhi's voluminous writings. He also provides in-depth descriptive and evaluative annotations for the other works, noting content, scope, authority, use, and historical significance. A vital reference tool for scholars and researchers, this volume is the first comprehensive Gandhian bibliography since 1974. In addition to in-depth annotations, the entries include full bibliographic information. Many of the entries also include review notes of the work. Full indexes make the material easily accessible. Forthcoming volumes will include books on Gandhian topics and articles about Gandhi and Gandhian topics.

1484. Gandhi, MK, The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi. 1sted. Delhi:
Publications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of
India, 1958. Volume 1 (1884-1896). XXX, 404p. Port. Illus. Maps. Facsims.

English, Irish and Subversives Among the Dismal Scientists

This volume presents commissioned essays on important, but often neglected. English and Irish economists of the 18th and 19th centuries. Notable chapters include Samuel Hollander's extended essay on Samuel Bailey that complements his magisterial reassessement of the classical economists and John Pullen's assessment of John Cazenove's analysis of Say's Law and bank credit. These are but two members of a brave army of heretics and subversives who could most admirably be summed up in Keynes' words as those `who following their intuitions, have preferred to see truth obscurely and imperfectly rather than to maintain error'. This volume aims to bring much needed attention to those forgotten political economists who helped to shape the development of economic theory and policy.

James P. Henderson The efforts to develop the history of mathematical
economics in Britain date back to William Stanley Jevons who prepared a 'List of
Mathematico- Economic Books, Memoirs, and Other Published Writings'. He
published ...

Quantitative Methods in Cognitive Semantics: Corpus-Driven Approaches

In line with the increasing use of empirical methods in Cognitive Linguistics, the current volume explores the uses of quantitative, in particular corpus-driven, techniques for the study of meaning. It shows how these techniques contribute to the core theoretical issues of Cognitive Semantics as well as how they inform semantic analysis. The research presented in the volume constitutes an important step towards an Empirical Cognitive Semantics.

The Empirical Turn Cognitive linguistics currently experiences a trend towards
the use of empirical methods; it can be observed that conferences fill up
increasingly with empirical studies supporting and extending the conceptual work
in Cognitive Linguistics. At the same time, several volumes with the explicit aim to
lay the foundations for empirical investigations have recently appeared (e.g.
Gries and Stefanowitsch 2006; Kristiansen, Achard, Dirven and Ruiz de Mendoza
Ibáñez 2006; ...

Zend Framework in Action

This book takes readers on a tour of the components of the Zend Framework as they build a high quality, real-world Web application.

This book takes readers on a tour of the components of the Zend Framework as they build a high quality, real-world Web application.

Second Language Learning in the Early School Years: Trends and Contexts - Oxford Applied Linguistics

Provides a much-needed overview of current themes and research on child second language learning.

Chapter 3 reviewed research on the heritage language (HL/L1) learning of
minority language learners. The focus of thischapter is on their majority language
(L2) learning.The term'minority language' learner is used in this chapter(as
opposed ...