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Petualangan Ibnu Batttuta

Seorang Musafir Muslim Abad-14

Islam & Ilmu Pengetahuan

  • ISBN 13 : 9786024222314
  • Judul : Islam & Ilmu Pengetahuan
  • Pengarang : Abuddin Nata,  
  • Kategori : Islam
  • Penerbit : Kencana Prenada Media Group
  • Klasifikasi : 2x0
  • Call Number : 2x0 ABU i
  • Bahasa : Indonesia
  • Penaklikan : x + 402 hlm .; 23cm
  • Tahun : 2018
  • Halaman : 402
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    Tersedia di Pustaka Kubang Putih - IAIN Bukittinggi
    Tersedia di Pustaka Kubang Putih - IAIN Bukittinggi
    Tersedia di Pustaka Kubang Putih - IAIN Bukittinggi
    Tersedia di Pustaka Kubang Putih - IAIN Bukittinggi
    Tersedia di Pustaka Kubang Putih - IAIN Bukittinggi

The Georgia Catalog, Historic American Buildings Survey

A Guide to the Architecture of the State

From the elegant townhouses of Savannah to the towering hotel and office complexes of Atlanta, the state of Georgia has a distinguished architectural tradition. No other work documents this rich heritage as comprehensively as The Georgia Catalog. Prepared under the auspices of the Historic American Buildings Survey, this carefully researched and beautifully illustrated volume will be an invaluable resource for architects, preservationists, historians, and those who own the historic houses or who simply are interested in Georgia’s architectural legacy. The book is in two parts. The first is a history of and guide to the architecture of the state. John Linley begins his survey with the remains of prehistoric civilization and the architecture of the first European settlers. He traces the development of a native architecture in the state, the flowering of the Greek Revival style, the functional architecture of commerce and industry, and the energy and imagination of urban architecture in the late twentieth century. The text reflects the author’s interest in the rationale and logic that produced the architecture and in the lessons that the past has for the present and the future. He also emphasizes the influence of climate, ecology, landscape, and city planning on both historic and contemporary architecture. The second section of The Georgia Catalog is a complete, updated listing of nearly four hundred sites in the Historic American Buildings Survey. Each entry gives the precise location of the site; a brief description of the structure; the date of construction and the name of the architect, if known; changes in name structure, or location of the building; its present condition; any facts of historical significance; and the number and dates of drawings, photographs, and data sheets in the HABS collection at the Library of Congress. To add to its value as a guide, the volume also includes a glossary of architectural terms and a list of Georgia properties that are included in the National Register of Historic Places, have been designated National Landmarks, or are part of the Historic American Engineering Record.

The Georgia catalog, Historic American Buildings Survey. (Publications / The
Wormsloe Foundation; v. 15) Bibliography: p. Includes index. 1. Architecture —
Georgia — History. 2. Historic buildings — Georgia — Catalogs. I. Historic
American ...

Silsilah keturunan raja-raja Kerajaan Siak Sri Indrapura dan Kerajaan Pelalawan

Genealogy of the dynasties of the Siak Sri Indrapura and the Pelalawan kingdoms.

Genealogy of the dynasties of the Siak Sri Indrapura and the Pelalawan kingdoms.

Introduction to Real Analysis, 4th Edition

This text provides the fundamental concepts and techniques of real analysis for students in all of these areas. It helps one develop the ability to think deductively, analyze mathematical situations, and extend ideas to a new context. Like the first three editions, this edition maintains the same spirit and user-friendly approach with additional examples and expansion on Logical Operations and Set Theory. There is also content revision in the following areas: Introducing point-set topology before discussing continuity, including a more thorough discussion of limsup and limimf, covering series directly following sequences, adding coverage of Lebesgue Integral and the construction of the reals, and drawing student attention to possible applications wherever possible.

This text provides the fundamental concepts and techniques of real analysis for students in all of these areas.

How to Write a BA Thesis

A Practical Guide from Your First Ideas to Your Finished Paper

The senior thesis is the capstone of a college education, but writing one can be a daunting prospect. Students need to choose their own topic and select the right adviser. Then they need to work steadily for several months as they research, write, and manage a major independent project. Now there's a mentor to help. How to Write a BA Thesis is a practical, friendly guide written by Charles Lipson, an experienced professor who has guided hundreds of students through the thesis-writing process. This book offers step-by-step advice on how to turn a vague idea into a clearly defined proposal, then a draft paper, and, ultimately, a polished thesis. Lipson also tackles issues beyond the classroom-from good work habits to coping with personal problems that interfere with research and writing. Filled with examples and easy-to-use highlighted tips, the book also includes handy time schedules that show when to begin various tasks and how much time to spend on each. Convenient checklists remind students which steps need special attention, and a detailed appendix, filled with examples, shows how to use the three main citation systems in the humanities and social sciences: MLA, APA, and Chicago. How to Write a BA Thesis will help students work more comfortably and effectively-on their own and with their advisers. Its clear guidelines and sensible advice make it the perfect text for thesis workshops. Students and their advisers will refer again and again to this invaluable resource. From choosing a topic to preparing the final paper, How to Write a BA Thesis helps students turn a daunting prospect into a remarkable achievement.

Try to write at least a couple of sentences about each possible topic you've listed,
saying why each one interests you and which aspects most intrigue you. The
more you can write, the better. If you return to it the next day, you can probably
add ...

Operations Research Applications

As operations research (OR) applications continue to grow and flourish in a number of decision making fields, a reference that is comprehensive, concise, and easy to read is more than a nicety, it is a necessity. This book provides a single volume overview of OR applications in practice, making it the first resource a practitioner would reach for when faced with an OR problem or application. Written by leading authorities in the field, the book covers functional and industry specific areas of OR applications. Ideally suited for practitioners in business, industry, and government, the book can also be used as a supplemental text in undergraduate or graduate OR courses.

Operations research (OR), which began as an interdisciplinary activity to solve
complex problems in the military during ... Now OR is viewed as a body of
established mathematical models and methods to solve complex management

Hukum Perbankan Syariah

konsep dan regulasi

On Islamic banking law in Indonesia.

On Islamic banking law in Indonesia.

Lembaga Pendidikan Islam di Indonesia

Buku ini mengkritik persepsi kalangan sarjana terutama kaum islamis yang memandang madrasah sebagai lembaga monolitik. Misalnya, madrasah Islam di Pakistan dipersepsikan sebagai lembaga pendidikan yang sama dengan madrasah di Thailand dan Indonesia. Persepsi demikian menyebabkan generalisasi yang menyesatkan, bila dikaitkan dengan opini bahwa madrasah sebagai tempat di mana nilai-nilai radikalisme dan terorisme disemaikan. Sebagai satu kajian ilmiah, buku ini sangat penting bagi para akademisis, mahasiswa studi Islam maupun umum, para pendidik saerta pemerhati sosial-politik dan keagamaan. *** Persembahan penerbit Kencana (PrenadaMedia)

pada sekularisme, mata pelajaran agama di sekolah harus dilihat sebagai usaha
muslim Indonesia memelihara identitas Islam di kalangan anak-anak muslim.
Oleh karena itu, pendidikan agama di sekolah juga merupakan bagian dari “
struggle of Islam in modern Indonesia”. Guru merupakan elemen penting dalam
penyelenggaraan mata pelajaran agama di sekolah. Guru yang dibutuhkan
adalah mereka yang memiliki kompetensi dalam bidang yang diajarkan. Standar
tentang ...


Albert Watson is one of the world's most successful fashion and commercial photographers. His striking images have appeared on more than 250 Vogue covers around the world and have been featured in countless other publications such as Time, Vibe and over 40 covers of Rolling Stone magazine. Albert's celebrity portraits include well-known and iconic movie stars, rock stars, rappers, supermodels, even President Clinton and Queen Elizabeth II (Watson was the official Royal Photographer for Prince Andrew's wedding to Sarah Ferguson). Here, for the first time, Watson presents a 40-year retrospective of the best of his work for the world's leading fashion magazines. With over 350 images, individually hand-picked from his phenomenal archive and including a huge amount of unpublished material from an extraordinary career, UFO is a landmark publishing event from one of the world's greatest photographers.

Albert Watson is one of the world's most successful fashion and commercial photographers.