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The Love You Make

An Insider's Story of the Beatles

Here is the national bestseller that Newsday called “the most authoritative and candid look yet at the personal lives…of the oft-scrutinized group.” In The Love You Make, Peter Brown, a close friend of and business manager for the band—and the best man at John and Yoko’s wedding—presents a complete look at the dramatic offstage odyssey of the four lads from Liverpool who established the greatest music phenomenon of the twentieth century. Written with the full cooperation of each of the group’s members and their intimates, this book tells the inside story of the music and the madness, the feuds and the drugs, the marriages and the affairs—from the greatest heights to the self-destructive depths of the Fab Four. In-depth and definitive, The Love You Make is an astonishing account of four men who transformed the way a whole generation of young people thought and lived. It reigns as the most comprehensive, revealing biography available of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Includes 32 pages of rare and revealing photos A Literary Guild® Alternate Selection

Here is the national bestseller that Newsday called “the most authoritative and candid look yet at the personal lives…of the oft-scrutinized group.” In The Love You Make, Peter Brown, a close friend of and business manager for the ...

The Valley of the Ancients

In a London suburb two families guarding an extraordinary secret plan an epic journey to a lost crater in the Amazon jungle. Their mission: to discover whether dinosaurs still exist on earth. Thousands of miles away, in a Brazilian high-security prison, a gang of ruthless criminals hatch plans of escape and murder. In a nearby university laboratory a brilliant but evil professor becomes obsessed by one of the most incredible inventions in human history. Soon, all their destinies become inextricably linked in a violent and mortal struggle. The outcome will affect the lives of countless people, all over the world. A spell-binding, colourful and exciting adventure packed with interesting facts, fearsome creatures and beautiful illustrations.

He wasn't sureif they would operatein this strange valley where radios didn't work
, butit couldn't doanyharm to have an extra possible way of checking on what
Chopper might get up to, and the devices would certainly be effective if anyone
ever tookasuit out of the valley. Then,he removed the disk from thetin box,
putitinthe computer and modified it.He wastoo cleverto wipe it completely:
although he regarded Chopper and Sam as complete buffoons, he had
considerable respect for the ...

The Oriental Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

Nine Adventures from the Lost Years

From the Fertile Crescent to the Far East, the great adventures of Holmes during the three-year gap between his “death” and dramatic return What exactly happened during Sherlock Holmes’s “great hiatus” after his supposed death and triumphant return three years later? Riccardi imagines his travels in Europe and Asia during those years in nine original short stories set in places as far flung as Sumatra and Tibet. Given the uncertain grip of the British Empire over its colonies, the murders and other mayhem Holmes confronts often have potentially grave political repercussions. Filled with local color and Holmes’s signature wit and logic, Sherlockians the world over will relish this missing chapter in the life of the world’s greatest detective.

Riccardi imagines his travels in Europe and Asia during those years in nine original short stories set in places as far flung as Sumatra and Tibet.

Return of the Ancient Ones

The True History Uncovered of the Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Empire. the Washitaw Files

Web-Based Learning

Theory, Research, and Practice

Web-Based Learning: Theory, Research, and Practice explores the state of the art in the research and use of technology in education and training from a learning perspective. This edited book is divided into three major sections: *Policy, Practice, and Implementation Issues -- an overview of policy issues, as well as tools and designs to facilitate implementation of Web-based learning; *Theory and Research Issues -- a look at theoretical foundations of current and future Web-based learning; the section also includes empirical studies of Web-based learning; and *Summary and Conclusions -- highlights key issues in each chapter and outlines a research and development agenda. Within this framework the book addresses several important issues, including: the primacy of learning as a focus for technology; the need to integrate technology with high standards and content expectations; the paucity of and need to support the development of technology-based curriculum and tools; the need to integrate assessment in technology and improve assessment through the use of technology; and the need for theory-driven research and evaluation studies to increase our knowledge and efficacy. Web-Based Learning is designed for professionals and graduate students in the educational technology, human performance, assessment and evaluation, vocational/technical, and educational psychology communities.

Kenneth E. Lane CaliforniaStateUniversity,San Bernardino StephenHull
California State University, San Bernardino The introduction of the World Wide
Web several years ago presented many exciting opportunities andchallenges for
learning institutions. In the dotcom heyday, some described scenarios where
alltraining would occur online and brickandmortar institutions would at best
consolidate to a bestofbreed. Justas eToysdidnotreplace ToysRUs
inthecommercial world, elearning ...

Marketing sur Internet, 3e Pour les Nuls

Le meilleur moyen d'afficher vos ambitions sur le Web ! Ce livre va vous faire découvrir les toutes dernières innovations en matière de e-marketing. Ces dernières années, l'évolution de l'Internet a favorisé l'apparition de nouvelles pratiques d'information et de communication en matière de marketing. Ces nouvelles pratiques permettent l'élaboration de campagnes de e-marketing particulièrement efficaces. Le marketing sur le Web, et le marketing direct prennent désormais leur envol sur la toile. Sites, Blogs, newsletters, e-mailing, toute une nouvelle panoplie de stratégies de communication investit l'Internet. Vous découvrirez dans ce livre les différents aspects du e-marketing : Conception d'un plan efficace, Conquête de nouveaux clients avec le e-mailing, Utilisation de programmes comme Google AdWords Elaboration de jeux concours en ligne Marketing avec Facebook Les avantages de Twitter Spécificités liées aux tablettes et aux smartphones

Le meilleur moyen d'afficher vos ambitions sur le Web !

Social Marketing and Behaviour Change

Models, Theory and Applications

This book provides a concise overview of the behaviour change models that are relevant to social marketing in order to assist academics and practitioners in social marketing program development. The book features a review and analysis of the most valid

However, changes sought by the application of social marketing are quite
specific. The primary aim is to achieve a particular 'social good' (rather than
commercial benefit), with clearly defined behavioural goals. While social
marketing is not a new concept, it has been (and continues to be in some cases)
misunderstood in many circles. The term is used interchangeably in the literature
depending on the paradigm of the authors. Two of the most common of these
interchangeably used ...

Speech Production and Speech Modelling

Speech sound production is one of the most complex human activities: it is also one of the least well understood. This is perhaps not altogether surprising as many of the complex neurological and physiological processes involved in the generation and execution of a speech utterance remain relatively inaccessible to direct investigation, and must be inferred from careful scrutiny of the output of the system -from details of the movements of the speech organs themselves and the acoustic consequences of such movements. Such investigation of the speech output have received considerable impetus during the last decade from major technological advancements in computer science and biological transducing, making it possible now to obtain large quantities of quantative data on many aspects of speech articulation and acoustics relatively easily. Keeping pace with these advancements in laboratory techniques have been developments in theoretical modelling of the speech production process. There are now a wide variety of different models available, reflecting the different disciplines involved -linguistics, speech science and technology, engineering and acoustics. The time seems ripe to attempt a synthesis of these different models and theories and thus provide a common forum for discussion of the complex problem of speech production. Such an activity would seem particularly timely also for those colleagues in speech technology seeking better, more accurate phonetic models as components in their speech synthesis and automatic speech recognition systems.

The behavorial classification of aphasic patients according to the
fluencynonfluency dimension is particularly interesting because this dimension is
rooted largely in speech behavior rather than formal language operations related
to, for example, syntax and semantics. Benson (1967) was quoted earlier to the
effect that anterior patients have "a mechanical speech difficulty." His remark is
testimony to the tenuous separation of speech and language. More recent
research emphasizes ...


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