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Dinamika studi al-Qur'an dan Hadis

antologi resume skripsi di UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta

Criticism on al-Quran and hadith; abstracts of theses from Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta.

... Zuhud dan Qasr al - Amal dalam 388 Abdullah Adib 94531730 | 21-12-1999 Kitab Arba'in Nawawi ( Studi Kritik Sanad dan Matan ) Muatan Sosio Kultural Minangkabau 389 | Taufiqurrahman 94531656 29-12-1999 dalam Tafsir Al - Azhar Al ...

Ratib Samman dan Hikayat Syekh Muḥammad Sammān

suntingan naskah dan kajian isi teks

Analysis and comparison of two Sufi manuscripts, Ratib Samman in Arabic and Hikayat Syekh Muammad Samman in Malay.

Beirut: Daru l-Fikr. Asy-Syurbasi, Ahmad t.t. Al-Ghazali wa t-Tasawwufu l-Islami.
Kairo: Daru l- Hilal. Ash-Shiddiecry, T. Muhammad Hasbi 1959 Rijalu l-Hadis.
Yogyakarta: Senat Mahasiswa Perguruan Tinggi Agama Islam Negeri

Setitis embun semarak api

Autobiography of Shahnon Ahmad, a Malaysian author.

Dalam Islam, ada empat juzuk yang boleh dianggap musuh jika tidak dikawal
iaitu nafsu, dunia, manusia dan syaitan. Nafsu wujud dalam diri kita dan ia perlu
dikawal oleh iman. Begitu juga dunia yang sementara ini. Ia juga amat penting
sebagai tempat kita diuji untuk hidup abadi di alam lain sesudah mati. Tapi kalau
dunia tidak terkawal, macam nafsu juga tidak terkawal, dunia akan menelan kita.
Begitu juga dengan manusia kerana manusia perlu dikawal oleh manusia itu

Locked Rooms

Serial Mary Russel & Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes dan istrinya, Mary Russell, tiba di San Fransisco untuk mengurus rumah keluarga, namun mereka disambut sosok asing yang menyerang mereka dengan pistol. Meskipun tak menderita luka fatal, Sherlock Holmes mengkhawatirkan istrinya yang belakangan ini selalu dihantui mimpi mengerikan tentang benda-benda beterbangan, lelaki tanpa wajah, dan ruangan-ruangan terkunci. Dia yakin semua ini berkaitan dengan masa lalu yang ingin Mary lupakan. Di kota inilah bertahun-tahun lalu kedua orangtua dan adik lelaki Mary tewas karena kecelakaan mobil. Dan yang lebih mengejutkan, semua kerabat Mary di San Fransisco telah tewas secara misterius. Apa yang sebenarnya terjadi? Siapa sosok misterius yang menembak mereka dan kenapa? Melalui serangkaian penyelidikan, Sherlock Holmes menemukan fakta-fakta bahwa tewasnya Keluarga Russell sebenarnya adalah pembunuhan terencana. Sekarang, nyawa Mary terancam, dan Holmes tidak akan tinggal diam. [Mizan Publishing, Fantasy, Seri, Detektif, Novel, Fiksi, Fantasi, Indonesia]

Sherlock Holmes dan istrinya, Mary Russell, tiba di San Fransisco untuk mengurus rumah keluarga, namun mereka disambut sosok asing yang menyerang mereka dengan pistol.

Islam borjuis dan Islam proletar

konstruksi baru masyarakat Islam Indonesia

History of traditional and modern Islam in Indonesia.

History of traditional and modern Islam in Indonesia.

Fragile Hearts

This book is a completely fictional story, based on two friends friendship that begun when when they were infants. They were separated at the age of five and tragedy strikes. They would remain separated for twenty years, when two failed marriages lands them both in Charlotte, North Carolina, at Charlotte International Hangar. Blake is a mechanic and Amber lands a job as a Security guard with Bakers Security. Will their social and economical back grounds keep them from connecting when their paths cross? Blake is a lethal lover, a player from the North who's looking for a record deal. Amber is a divorcee from the South, her dreams are to write a book and pass the bar exam. She has a score to settle with her ex husband attorney Calvin Austin. Calvin hires the best defense attorney in the country to save him from the electric chair. A murder was committed years earlier and secrets has been kept. What will happen when the secrets come to the light? Blake and his his friends are in Bernard's King Park when the secret comes out. Who will live and who will die when the secret is revealed? Blake is manipulative and filled with controversy. Even his best friend Midnight couldn't escape his hour of deception.

Blake quickly contrive a lie about them using rings from a cracker- jack box,
because their rings were being specially made, and wasn't ready in time for the
wedding. The Parkers were very astute, but pretended to go alone with the lie. "
So, Blake, what do you do for a living?" Sam Parker asked. Blake was good at
lying, and he didn't seem to mind lying, about any and every- thing. "I'm an
entertainer like my old man was." "When I'm not on the road I work for the airline,"
he said.

Understanding English

Meanwhile the essential features of English grammar — the basic signals by
which our language transmits its ... The people may read the book and piously
agree with the grammarian, but they will go on using the language pretty much as

EVOLVE - A Bridge between Probability, Set Oriented Numerics, and Evolutionary Computation II

This book comprises a selection of papers from the EVOLVE 2012 held in Mexico City, Mexico. The aim of the EVOLVE is to build a bridge between probability, set oriented numerics and evolutionary computing, as to identify new common and challenging research aspects. The conference is also intended to foster a growing interest for robust and efficient methods with a sound theoretical background. EVOLVE is intended to unify theory-inspired methods and cutting-edge techniques ensuring performance guarantee factors. By gathering researchers with different backgrounds, a unified view and vocabulary can emerge where the theoretical advancements may echo in different domains. Summarizing, the EVOLVE focuses on challenging aspects arising at the passage from theory to new paradigms and aims to provide a unified view while raising questions related to reliability, performance guarantees and modeling. The papers of the EVOLVE 2012 make a contribution to this goal.

The massive use and large applicability spectrum of evolutionary algorithms for
real-life applications determined the need of establishing solid theoretical
grounds. Only to offer one example, one may consider mathematical objects that
are ...

The Formation of the 'Book' of Psalms

Reconsidering the Transmission and Canonization of Psalmody in Light of Material Culture and the Poetics of Anthologies

By conceptualizing the 'Book' of Psalms as an anthology, and by inquiring into its poetics by means of paratextuality, David Willgren provides a fresh reconstruction of its formation and concludes that it preserves a selection of psalms that is best seen not as a book of psalms, but as a canon of psalms. - back of book.

Gk. Add. Box 3.1 N. 2142 3.142 121 19:7–8 PUG II 2157 125 21:20–28, 31–32;
22:1–6; 23:1 P. Harris 31 2108 31.98 148 43:20–23 Stud. Pal. 11.114 (P. Vindob.
G. 39777) oS-3 3492 167 68:13–14, 30–33; 80:11–14 P. Duke Inv. 740 21.98 ...