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Operations Research Proceedings

Selected Papers of the Symposium on Operations Research (OR 2000) Dresden, September 9–12, 2000

The branch and bound method was implemented and tested in ANSI C on a
Pentium II computer (300 MHz) for the well known benchmarks of the job shop
scheduling problem obtained from the operational research library provided by ...

Fire and Steel

Forced to wed the daring Norman lord Guy of Rivaux, proud and beautiful young Catherine de Brione vowed never to give him her heart. Catherine was sure she loved dashing Brian FitzHenry, who had held her in thrall since childhood. But she had no inkling of the fire her bridegroom could rouse within her. As the turmoil of intrigue and battle, danger and deception erupt around her in 11th century Normandy, Catherine finds that the daring and passionate man she was so eager to leave is now the man she can't bear to lose. "Skillful...unexpected plot twists keep the reader turning pages." —Publisher's Weekly

“Demoiselle,” he managed finally. For once, Cat had to stare back. His fingers
were strong and warm as they closed over hers and raised her up to where she
faced the embroidered black hawk on his red silk tunic. Her eyes traveled upward
, openly taking in his tall, wellfavored form. He was freshly bathed and barbered,
smelling cleanly of Hawise's strong soap, and his stillwet hair was plastered
smoothly, to lie dark as a raven's wing against his face. His cheekbones were
high, his ...

The Origins of World War I

Discusses and examines the possible causes of World War I.

... clearly outnumbered on the Western front, they would nevertheless advance to
Paris and "seize the heart of France. ... and Oka Yoshitake, Yamagata Aritomo:
Meiji Nihon no shocho (Yamagata Aritomo: Symbol of Meiji Japan) (Tokyo, 1958)

Konvergensi hukum dan teknologi informasi

sebuah torehan empiris-yuridis

Convergence between law and information technology and its impact on Indonesian legal system.

Convergence between law and information technology and its impact on Indonesian legal system.

Pragmatik dan Penelitian Pragmatik