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The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka

the first 185 years

His daughter, Achala, married Susanta de Alwis, a Barrister and a senior career
diplomat in the Foreign Service of Sri Lanka and is at present Sri Lanka's
Ambassador in Washington. When he retired on 6th January, 1971, he was
presiding at ...

La bilancia dell'azione e altri scritti

Il pensiero del teologo, filosofo e mistico persiano Al-Gazali (1058 – 1111) ha avuto un'influenza decisiva nello sviluppo del pensiero islamico e arabo, ma fu molto conosciuto anche tra i cristiani del Medioevo grazie alle versioni latine redatte dai celebri traduttori di Toledo. Quest'opera di Al-Gazali, curata da Massimo Campanini, professore di Cultura Araba presso l’Università di Milano, raccoglie tre composizioni, La bilancia dell’azione, La retta bilancia e L’alchimia della felicità. Oggi Utet la ripropone in forma di ebook, con un valido compendio esegetico consultabile tramite ipertesto.

Il pensiero del teologo, filosofo e mistico persiano Al-Gazali (1058 – 1111) ha avuto un'influenza decisiva nello sviluppo del pensiero islamico e arabo, ma fu molto conosciuto anche tra i cristiani del Medioevo grazie alle versioni ...

Pluralisme, demokrasi, dan toleransi

On pluralism, democracy, and religious tolerance in Indonesia; collection of articles.

On pluralism, democracy, and religious tolerance in Indonesia; collection of articles.

Profitable Small, Cottage & Home Industries

The small scale sector is assuming greater importance every day. Hundreds of thousands of people start their own businesses at home every year, and untold more dream about the possibility of becoming their own bosses. Starting a business at home is the best when you do not have enough funds. While entrepreneurship has its many potential rewards, it also carries unique challenges. Making a choice of the right project is a difficult decision for an entrepreneur and is an imperative decision. In fact, before starting a business also one has to be thorough with the requirements of current line of industry. Above all taking advantage of various schemes provided by government and other financial institutions. For the reason that rest of the challenges for setting up, a business is based on the type of the product and fund to invest. Entrepreneurship helps in the development of nation. A successful entrepreneur not only creates employment for himself but for hundreds. Deciding on a right project can lead you to the road to success. An entrepreneur requires a continuous flow of funds not only for setting up of his/ her business, but also for successful operation as well as regular up gradation/ modernization of the industrial unit. To meet this requirement, the Government (both at the Central and State level) has been undertaking several steps like setting up of banks and financial institutions; formulating various policies and schemes, etc. All such measures are specifically focused towards the promotion and development of small and medium enterprises. In both developed and developing countries, the Government is turning to small and medium scale industries and entrepreneurs, as a means of economic development and a veritable means of solving problems. It is a seedbed of innovations, inventions and employment. Some of the major fundamentals of the book are steps in setting up an SSI, preparation of a project report, constitution of the firm, need for planning, registration/licences for SSI, resourcing, non financial, national level, state level, market survey, demand supply gap, major buying countries, plant economics, plastic granules from scraps/waste, process of manufacture to produce colourless transparent plastic granules from waste, P.V.C. hand gloves, plant & machinery suppliers, H.D.P.E. tarpaulins, fibre reinforced plastics, polyester resin, plastic cooler body, disposable plastic cups and glass etc., bleaching, dyeing & finishing of textiles, etc. The book contains the aspects to plan any business strategy step by step. The book explains about business planning, effective marketing matters, facing the competition, resourcing, economics of plants and more aspects that will help start and maintain a new business. The identification of a suitable project within the investment limit of a new entrepreneur is very difficult. The present book strives to meet this specific entrepreneurial need. The book contains processes formulae, brief profiles of various projects which can be started in small investment without much technical knowledge at small place. This is very resourceful publication for new entrepreneurs, professionals, libraries etc.

To know what books are relevant for you, visit a good library, particularly the ones
in institutes of small industry or entrepreneurship development. Step 24: Growth
Most small entrepreneurs start small and remain small. Such idustrialists are poor
achievers. A really high achiever starts small and grows really big like Dhirubhai
Ambani (of Reliance Industries) or Karsanbhai Patel (of Nirma fame). One starts
small because of financial constraints and other limitations. But if you remain ...

Advances in Web Based Learning - ICWL 2008

7th International Conference, Jinhua, China, August 20-22, 2008, Proceedings

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Web-Based Learning, ICWL 2008, held in Jinhua, China, in August 2008. The 52 revised full papers presented together with 1 invited paper were carefully reviewed and selected from 170 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on adaptation of e-learning technologies and policies, learning resource management, e-learning experiences, assessment and its supporting systems, tools and experiences for learning C programming language, game-based learning, frameworks and platforms for e-learning, multimedia technologies for learning, on-line discussion forum and community, collaborative learning, semantics and ontology, interfaces for learning activity designs, as well as mobile and network technologies for learning.

The concepts of psychological bestirring and psychological distance in web-
based learning situation are proposed. Their significance and effects are
examined. An online learning performance model is constructed which employs
psychological bestirring as a new factor independent of the factor of information
stimulation. Logistic equation and curve is suggested as its fundamental
mathematic model. The model was then used to explain the restriction of
psychological distance on the ...

The 2013 UKM FST Postgraduate Colloquium

Proceedings of the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Faculty of Science and Technology 2013 Postgraduate Colloquium, Selangor, Malaysia, 3-4 July 2014. ...

Sejarah perang kemerdekaan di Sumatera, 1945-1950

Mereka akan memperbudak rakyat Indonesia menjadi hamba sahayanya
kembali dan menjalankan usaha untuk menghapus Agama Islam kita yang suci
serta menindas dan menghambat kemuliaan dan kemakmuran bangsa
Indonesia Di ...

A guide to 20th-century composers

Generally such nationalistic idioms have drawn on the mainstream advanced
styles of the period, and added some particular, original, nationalistic element to
create a new style (which may in turn then influence composers in other countries