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Advanced Abnormal Psychology

Although senior undergraduate psychology students and first year master's- and doctoral-level students frequently take courses in advanced abnormal psychology, it has been almost two decades since a book by this title has appeared. Professors teaching this course have had a wide variety of texts to select from that touch on various aspects of psychopathology, but none has been as comprehensive for the student as the present volume. Not only are basic concepts and models included, but there are specific sections dealing with childhood and adolescent disorders, adult and geriatric disorders, child treatment, and adult treatment. We believe the professor and advanced student alike will benefit from having all the requisite material under one cover. Our book contains 26 chapters presented in five parts, each part preceded by an editors' introduction. The chapters reflect updates in the classification of disorders (i. e. , DSM-IV). In Part I (Basic Concepts and Models), the chapters include diagnosis and classification, assessment strategies, research methods, the psychoanalytic model, the behavioral model, and the biological model. Parts II (Childhood and Adolescent Disorders) and III (Adult and Older Adult Disorders), bulk of the book. To ensure cross each containing seven chapters, represent the chapter consistency, each of these chapters on psychopathology follows an identi cal format, with the following basic sections: description of the disorder, epidem iology, clinical picture (with case description), course and prognosis, familial and genetic patterns, and diagnostic considerations.

Parts II (Childhood and Adolescent Disorders) and III (Adult and Older Adult Disorders), bulk of the book.

Who Rules the Law?

How Government, Civil Society, and Aid Agencies Manipulate Law in Sudan

Why would a colonial administration, a post-colonial military dictatorship, a democratically elected government, a disadvantaged civil society, and a variety of international aid agencies all seek to use their limited resources in the pursuit of building the rule of law? This dissertation argues that law is an unstable, but powerful form of institutional and symbolic ordering that captures the imagination of state and non-state actors in their struggle to achieve political durability and to promote development.

classmate, Osman At-Tayyib, as Chief Justice.” The replacement judges
Awadalla chose were more sympathetic to the socialist cause of the Nimeiri-led
government. Even General Abboud had not dismissed judges in this heavy-
handed, ...

Kamus Jepang-Indonesia Indonesia-Jepang

Untuk Pelajar, Mahasiswa & Umum

Kamus terbitan penerbit IndonesiaTera ini dilengkapi dengan: Satuan Bunyi Bahasa Jepang; Daftar Huruf Hiragana & Perubahannya; Daftar Huruf Katakana & Perubahannya; Cara Pelafalan Bahasa Jepang; Ribuan entri yang disertai dengan huruf Hiragana, Katakan, Kanji, & pelafalannya, beserta arti kata; Contoh pemakaian kata dalam kalimat. -Indonesia Tera-

... ketidak‒sempurnaan; ketidak‒lengkapan. ,bun (,) kalimatyang tidak
sempurna; kalimatyang tak lengkap. ,shūgyō ( ... pelukispeman‒dangan. ,ten (,)
pameran lukisan peman‒dangan fu-keiki (): kesepian; resesi; kemunduran
ekonomi. ,na ( ...

Manajemen pembangunan daerah dalam rangka menunjang pelaksanaan otonomi daerah tingkat II.

Pola Pembiayaan Pembangunan APBD I. Besarnya anggaran pembiayaan
pembangunan APBD I yang berasal dari PAD pada tahun 1994/1995 adalah Rp.
250,820 milyar. Apabila dibandingkan dengan total pembiayaan pembangunan