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An Introduction to Functional Analysis

Based on an introductory, graduate-level course given by Swartz at New Mexico State U., this textbook, written for students with a moderate knowledge of point set topology and integration theory, explains the principles and theories of functional analysis and their applications, showing the interpla

These notes evolved from the introductory functional analysis course given at
New Mexico State University. ... of elementary point set topology including
Tychonoff s Theorem and the theory of nets and a background in real analysis
equivalent ...

Alternative States of Consciousness in Shamanism, Imaginal Psychotherapies, Hypnotherapy, and Meditation Including a Shamanism and Meditation Inspired Personal and Professional Training Program for the 21st Century Psychotherapist

A Cognitive, Intrapsychic, Experiential, and Transpersonal Research Project and Program

Shamanism, hypnosis, imaginal psychotherapies, and meditation are based on the use of what we in the modern western world think of as non-ordinary human consciousness. These four modalities have fundamental similarities and differences in purpose, theory, technique, type of alternative consciousness, and their application of non-ordinary reality. Shamanism, the oldest and most intertwined with the cultures in which it is practiced, will be explored as a model for individual healing and transformation and professional training. The shamanic way will also be explored as a model of consciousness and a world-view that offers individuals, groups, and society much needed coping mechanisms, healing techniques, and transformative values that may be helpful in dealing with this trying and important transition time for humanity. Imaginal therapies, meditation and hypnosis all have their roots in shamanism, although in some parts of the world at certain times in history, shamanism borrowed from meditation in its adaptation and development.

Third, the OSC places such a high value on linear thinking and scientific proof
that there is the risk of narrowing our sense of identity to the point where we
believe that we are only the sum total of our logical thoughts, rational abilities,
and ...

American Folktales: From the Collections of the Library of Congress

From the Collections of the Library of Congress

This two-volume collection of folktales represents some of the finest examples of American oral tradition. Drawn from the largest archive of American folk culture, the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, this set comprises magic tales, legends, jokes, tall tales and personal narratives, many of which have never been transcribed before, much less published, in a sweeping survey. Eminent folklorist and award-winning author Carl Lindahl selected and transcribed over 200 recording sessions - many from the 1920s and 1930s - that span the 20th century, including recent material drawn from the September 11 Project. Included in this varied collection are over 200 tales organized in chapters by storyteller, tale type or region, and representing diverse American cultures, from Appalachia and the Midwest to Native American and Latino traditions. Each chapter begins by discussing the storytellers and their oral traditions before presenting and introducing each tale, making this collection accessible to high school students, general readers or scholars.

Perhaps the most important mission of the Library of Congress is to cultivate and
sustain an American Memory. Numerous Library offices devote themselves to
chronicling the public lives and acts of the official leaders of this country the
presidents, senators, Supreme Court justices, as well as the major legal and
institutional developments that we have come to regard as the highlights of our
history For all the importance of these institutional memories, the Library of
Congress is made ...

Cita humanisme Islam

panorama kebangkitan intelektual dan budaya Islam dan pengaruhnya terhadap Renaisans Barat

panorama kebangkitan intelektual dan budaya Islam dan pengaruhnya terhadap
Renaisans Barat George A. Makdisi. PENDIRIAN MAZHAB-MAZHAB HUKUM
Untuk mengantisipasi serangan kaum Rasionalis yang mungkin terulang, kaum
Tradisionalis mulai membangun benteng pertahanan. Untuk membendung arus
pemikiran Rasionalis, menahan laju perkembangannya dan menetralisir efeknya
, mereka menggabungkan diri dalam beberapa mazhab, mendirikan lembaga- ...

Kamus; Korea-Indonesia Indonesia-Korea

Kamus ini memuat ribuan entri super lengkap yang disertai dengan huruf Hangeul, latin, jenis kata, pelafalan, contoh kalimat, arti kata, dan cara baca. Pengenalan Hangeul (vokal, vokal gabungan, konsonan, konsonan ganda, konsonan, & konsonan akhir gabungan) dalam bentuk tabel disertai dengan tabel pengucapannya. Daftar tabel kosakata mengenai cuaca, anggota tubuh, ungkapan perasaan, hari libur Korea, makanan, hubungan keluarga, dan kosakata IT yang sering digunakan dalam dunia kerja terutama yang mengikuti tes EPS-KLT. Dilengkapi dengan rambu-rambu lalu lintas di Korea, tanda instruksi, tanda untuk berhati-hati, tanda peringatan dan larangan, petunjuk informasi disertai tanda gambar, arti gambar, Hangeul, dan latinnya. Dilengkapi pula dengan tabel mengenai bentuk waktu, tata bahasa, ungkapan, pepatah, bahasa slang Korea, dan ucapan salam disertai dengan arti, Hangeul dan latinnya, dan contoh kalimat.

Kamus ini memuat ribuan entri super lengkap yang disertai dengan huruf Hangeul, latin, jenis kata, pelafalan, contoh kalimat, arti kata, dan cara baca.

Magnetic Resonance and Brain Function: Approaches from Physics

In the last decade, NMR has set the basis for the understanding of the function and disfunction of the human brain. Particularly, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has a leading position among the methodologies used for investigation and diagnostic of the Central Nervous System. In the 1990's the objective of finding new investigating means drove scientists towards different approaches, including: 1) Blood Oxygen Level Dependent (BOLD) MRI; 2) Double Magnetic Resonance (DMR); 3) Hyperpolarized Gases. These 3 methods are aimed at detecting brain metabolites with increasing sensitivity and resolution. This Enrico Fermi Course is of interest to researchers who work at the development of these interdisciplinary areas, i.e. physicists, chemists, engineers, but also the biomedical aspects of brain function in connection to the NMR potentialities.

In vivo "C-, "N-, and "F-magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the brain B.
KüNNECKE and J. SEELIG Biocenter of the University of Basel -
Klingelbergstrasse 70, CH-4056 Basel, Switzerland 1. – Introduction During the
last two decades, ...

Handbook of Japanese Sociolinguistics

This volume is the first comprehensive survey of Japanese sociolinguistic studies. The topics in this volume cover major issues in sociolinguistics that also characterize features of Japanese. Such topics as gender, honorifics, and politeness are particularly pertinent to Japanese. The volume also includes studies on other topics such as social stratification, discourse, contact, and language policy.

This volume is the first comprehensive survey of the sociolinguistic studies on Japanese.