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Oeuvres Philosophiques Et Scientifiques D'Al-Kindi

L'Optique Et LA Catoptrique

This publication of al-Kind 's "Optics" and "Catoptrics" provides "editio princeps" and the first translation of three books including the "Rectification of Euclid's Optics" hitherto unknown. In this book, the reader will find genuine and new information about Greek and Arabic optics and catoptics.

catoptrique d'al-Kindi, désormais plus substantielle qu'on le croyait, une fois
découverts la Rectification et les deux fragments - sur les grandeurs immergées
dans l'eau et sur le miroir sphérique concave -, et restitué son traité sur les
rayons solaires, ne se réduit cependant pas à ces écrits, auxquels on doit ajouter
le De aspectibus. Nous avons en effet montré, grâce à ces mêmes fragments, d'
ailleurs, ...

Kebijakan Bank Sentral Teori dan Praktik

  • ISBN 13 : 9786024250287
  • Judul : Kebijakan Bank Sentral Teori dan Praktik
  • Pengarang : Perry Warjiyo,  
  • Kategori : Bank and banking
  • Penerbit : Rajawali Pers
  • Klasifikasi : 332.11
  • Call Number : 332.11 PER k
  • Bahasa : Indonesia
  • Penaklikan : xviii + 776 hlm ; 23 cm
  • Tahun : 2016
  • Halaman : 776
  • Halaman : 776
  • Ketersediaan :
    Tersedia di Pustaka Kubang Putih - IAIN Bukittinggi
    Tersedia di Pustaka Kubang Putih - IAIN Bukittinggi
    Tersedia di Pustaka Kubang Putih - IAIN Bukittinggi
    Tersedia di Pustaka Kubang Putih - IAIN Bukittinggi
    Tersedia di Pustaka Kubang Putih - IAIN Bukittinggi
    Tersedia di Pustaka Kubang Putih - IAIN Bukittinggi
    Tersedia di Pustaka Kubang Putih - IAIN Bukittinggi
    Tersedia di Pustaka Kubang Putih - IAIN Bukittinggi
    Tersedia di Pustaka Kubang Putih - IAIN Bukittinggi
    Tersedia di Pustaka Kubang Putih - IAIN Bukittinggi

The Elgar Companion to Public Choice

'. . . this compendium offers a solid introduction into an economic field that is gaining in influence.' – Detmar Doering, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 'The first essay in this volume, "Public Choice at the Millennium," by the two editors, sets a high standard for all the essays to follow. . . The essay takes us through the early history of public choice research in a particularly lucid fashion. . . This first article is destined to be a must-read on many reading lists on both graduate and undergraduate courses in political economy. . . . the volume is likely to become a much-used reference tool. . . . for those researchers interested in a comprehensive discussion of the far-reaching literature in this area, and want some provocation in the mix, this is clearly the right choice.' – Sharon M. Oster, Public Choice 'Many of the chapters of this handbook will be an indispensable addition to any course reading list in public choice, or public economics. They serve as an excellent complement, integrating diverse lines of thoughts, to the core scholarly writings in the field. The essays are well-written and succeed, admirably, in accomplishing what a handbook must, making difficult and disparate material quite comprehensible to someone who wishes to become acquainted with the area.' – Harold M. Hochman, Lafayette College, US 'This is an extremely valuable insiders' account of what public choice is about. Presented in thirty well-reasoned and documented chapters, the book is a treasure trove for every political economist.' – Jürgen G. Backhaus, Maastricht University, The Netherlands This authoritative and encyclopaedic reference work provides a thorough account of the public choice approach to economics and politics. The Companion breaks new ground by joining together the most important issues in the field in a single comprehensive volume. It contains state-of-the-art discussions of both old and contemporary problems, including new work by the founding fathers as well as contributions by a new generation of younger scholars. The book reviews the literature of public choice, highlighting the common ground between all rational choice approaches to politics. It demonstrates the important impact of public choice on economics, political science, philosophy and sociology. It will be an indispensable source of reference for many years to the ideas, analytical methods and empirical research in the field. The Companion will serve as the standard reference work for all those engaged in the field of public choice and will be essential reading for politicians and policymakers, scholars in political science, public and social choice, as well as graduate students in economics, political science and public administration.

1 Introduction The interest-group theory of government seeks to explain
governmental behavior on the basis of the costs of organizing interest groups in
order to seek wealth transfers through the aegis of the state (or, what is
analytically the same thing, the costs of organizing interest groups to resist
governmental expropriation of wealth). As such, interest groups have long
commanded the attention of scholars who sought a better positive understanding
of how government works or a ...

The Oxford Illustrated Dickens

This popular series is reissued with the same quality of production as before, but at a much lower price. Each volume includes up to 76 engravings by 'Phiz' and other artists, and the text is derived from the Charles Dickens Edition, revised by the author in the 1860s. The series is available both as a complete set and in individual volumes.

This collectable series is the most comprehensive illustrated Dickens available. Each volume includes up to seventy-six early engravings, many of which appeared in the first editions of these works.

Doktrin revolusi Indonesia

... jang tidak memungkin intensifikasi dan mekanisasi itu. Tadi telah saja katakan
bahwa mekanisasi disebagian tempat ditentang oleh pemerintah desa jang
masih berfikir kolot, ditentang oleh pemilik- pemilik tanah jang masih berfikir kolot


Kumpulan Soal dan Pembahasan untuk Menghadapi Ujian Nasional

Memuat: 1. Paket 6 Tahun Soal dan Pembahasan UN 2. 3 Paket Prediksi Ujian Nasional 3. Strategi dan Tips Menghadapi UN 4. Kisi-kisi UN Setiap Mata Pelajaran -BintangWahyu-

Vero bergegas menemui Yati di kelasnya. Ia mengatakan akan berkunjung ke
rumah Yati sore nanti sekitar jam 16.00 untuk mengerjakan tugas yang
dibebankan kepala sekolah kepada mereka sebagai tim karya tulis sekolah yang
akan ...