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Dictionary of Applied Math for Engineers and Scientists

Despite the seemingly close connections between mathematics and other scientific and engineering fields, practical explanations intelligible to those who are not primarily mathematicians are even more difficult to find. The Dictionary of Applied Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists fills that void. It contains authoritative yet accessible definitions of mathematical terms often encountered in other disciplines. There may be bigger dictionaries, more comprehensive dictionaries, and dictionaries that offer more detailed definitions, theorems, and proofs. But there is no other dictionary specifically designed and written for scientists and engineers whose understanding and ability to solve real-world problems work can depend upon the application of mathematics. Concise, comprehensible, and convenient, the Dictionary of Applied Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists is a practical lexicon that helps students and professionals alike use mathematical terminology correctly and fully understand the mathematical literature encountered in their fields.

I appreciated the idea of a compendium of mathematical terms used in the
sciences and engineering for two reasons. ... glossary, and Toni Kazic referred
me to the most extensive web glossary in chemistry, authored by A.D. McNaught
and A. Wilkinson. ... are just the elementary symmetric polynomials, in case
anyone beside me didn't know ∗∗Engineering and Physical Sciences Research
Council, UK.