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Believe and Achieve

In Just 30 Days You Can Successfully Prepare Yourself to Achieve Any Goal or Program You Desire

If you have trouble sticking to programs and plans, take thirty days to prepare yourself to easily accomplish any program or goal you desire. The process in this book can potentially change your life, and once the ride starts there is no turning back. By applying the simple principles that I call “Saturation Busters” you can feel taller, smarter, richer, and more loved than ever before. Why is it that some people can breeze to their goals while others struggle? Many have tried every type of self-help book or motivational book, but none seem to work. It’s simple: People that accomplish believe they can. That’s the only difference. So, how do you get there? It’s easy and its fun, and once you get the momentum going you are unstoppable! First, we will take sometime to examine our beginnings––both evolutionary and our own lives. We will explore the natural instincts and reflexes that can hold us back from our goals and objectives. Next, we will spend time highlighting the environment and events of your life that stand in the way of unlimited success. Many of the ideas will be so obvious they will make you laugh. Others will seem trivial because of the immunity we seem to have developed. But they are all components that get in the way of our belief in ourselves and our ability to achieve. The path to true joy and health is through a cleansed psyche. The Saturation Busters will feel like diving into a cool pond after a hike in the desert. All you need is a little courage, and in thirty days this process will transform your life. You can have it all!

In Just 30 Days You Can Successfully Prepare Yourself to Achieve Any Goal or
Program You Desire Joel Hopkins ... The planning and strategies began to pay
off, but the best part was that I learned to achieve without struggle or huge