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Renal Medicine, Second Edition

A Color Handbook

This is a comprehensive, authoritative, yet user-friendly guide to renal disease. More than any other subdivision of internal medicine successful nephrological practice is dependent on other specialities. The kidneys are affected by many systemic diseases. There is increased incidence of cardiovascular and neoplastic disease in patients with renal failure. Expertise is needed in renal imaging, arterial intervention and renal histopathological examination. Reflecting all these elements, the authors have compiled a practical handbook to help physicians in practice and training to diagnose and manage patients with renal disease. The format of this book follows the stages of renal disease beginning with presenting symptoms and syndromes. It goes on to cover inherited renal diseases, glomerular and systemic diseases, acute and chronic renal failure, dialysis and renal transplantation. The Handbook is of value to physicians and trainees in nephrology and internal medicine, and to medical students in their clinical years.

These include Dr A. Kawashima, Dr B. King, Dr V. Torres, Dr J. McCarthy, Dr P.
Harris, Dr G. Miller, Dr D. Milliner, Dr N. Campeau, Dr R. Desnick, Dr J. Berstein,
Dr J. Reidy, Dr A. Saunders, Dr J. Bingham, Dr S. Rankin, Dr G. Rottenberg, Dr T.