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Building a Better Chinese Collection for the Library of Congress

Selected Writings

International librarianship: cooperation and collaboration (Scarecrow, 2001), by Frances Carroll and John Harvey, $115 cloth, 384 pages. LTD sales: 391 ($20,902 net) International and comparative studies in information and library science: a focus on the United States and Asian countries (Scarecrow, 2008), by Yan Quan Liu and Xiaojun Cheng, $80 paper, 396 pages. LTD sales: 156 ($7,414 net) International librarianship: a basic guide to global knowledge access (Scarecrow, 2007), by Robert Stueart, $55 paper, 260 pages. LTD sales: 400 ($13,293 net) George W. Bush and China: Policies, problems, and partnership. Wang, Chi. (Lexington, 2009). $45, cloth, 156 pages. LTD sales: 232 ($7,313 net)

Since 1957, I have had the great honor and privilege of working at the Library of
Congress. Thus, this book is the product of someone whose major life work has
been in the Library of Congress. The responsibilities that came with my position
allowed me to traverse the globe, further build up the library's resources, and thus
help to enhance overall understanding of China and other foreign relations. I
would just add that the Library of Congress is much more than just a place where