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Real Cooking, by George!

Just because your doctor told you to knock off eating all that rich food doesn't mean that you have to give up reading about it. REAL COOKING, BY GEORGE! is proof that adventures in eating high on the hog are almost as much fun as living them & a lot safer, for sure. Travel with George & find out how fantastic bus-station fare can be (when the depot is in Paris). Learn how to make a fish soup from the French Caribbean that'll make your jaws ring. George will tell you how to get the best out of a 6-pack of thighs. Hey, REAL COOKING's even got a Portuguese sponge cake that uses olive oil for shortening! That (along with the last enchilida outside of Veracruz) may be one you'd rather read about than eat. Then there's food from our own south that never sounded better & the good news is that you can still enjoy Virginia hams & spiced round through your eyes & imagination without putting on an ounce. This is a book that belongs on night tables all over the house - a great present for cookbook collectors! Order direct from Cromlech Books in Woods Hole, Massachusetts - (800) 227-7497.