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Voice of the Valley

Onja Claibourn is almost fifteen. Her world is one of sage, buffalo bills, brown-eyed susans, cactus, flax, buckbrush, foxtail and orange moss -- the world of the valley just beyond the family farm. Old roads twist like a game of snakes and ladders into the valley. Onja and her horse Ginger spend their summer days in exploration. But things begin to change when Onja discovers first an archeological dig and then the startling fact that there is a plan to dam and flood her valley. She cannot contemplate this change to the landscape she loves so much. And when she also discovers sixteen-year-old Etthen, working with the archaeologists, she begins those first faltering footsteps toward a totally unfamiliar landscape, romantic love.

I pronounce it Keh—fear—eee, but I don't know if that's right. My mom brought it
home from Egypt.” “Egypt?” “When she graduated from university, before she
married Dad, her parents took her on a tour of the Holy should see our
living room. Mom collects camels. She says she started with the wooden camels
carved by craftsmen in Egypt, but now she has ceramic, glass, iron, papier-
mâché least it's easy buying her Christmas presents.” “How do you
pronounce that head ...