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Cooperative Cataloging

Past, Present, and Future

Here is an in-depth look at the colorful past, controversial present, and exciting and challenging future of cooperative cataloging. Over the years, librarians have struggled to develop a successful cooperative cataloging system that catalogs bibliographic items through the joint action of a group of independent libraries and makes bibliographic records accessible to both group members and nonparticipating libraries. Cooperative Cataloging chronicles the programs that have been tried and helps readers understand the importance of cooperative cataloging, its strengths and weaknesses, and its promise for the future. The chapters in Cooperative Cataloging reflect the major issues discussed by the newly formed Cooperative Cataloging Council. Its goals are to provide access to materials in libraries'collections, to increase the availability of unique records created under mutually acceptable standards, and to provide leadership in the information community. Some of the important cooperative cataloging efforts covered in this book include: the National Coordinating Cataloging Program (NCCP) cooperative cataloging outside the United States CONSER the National Coordinated Cataloging Operation (NACO) the United States Newspaper Program cooperative cataloging microform sets Catalogers, library administrators, technical services administrators, and library school students will gain a better understanding of the past from this comprehensive historical perspective on cooperative cataloging. They will also benefit from discussions of current programs and valuable suggestions for improving libraries'ability to provide bibliographic access to information resources. Cooperative Cataloging helps information professionals lay a solid foundation for successful cooperative cataloging in the future.

The cost of early catalog cards was deemed too high, particularly when early
cards were incomplete.88 CATALOGING RULES Jewett promoted standardized
cataloging rules as essential for successful cooperative cataloging and in 1852 ...