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Enriched Teaching of Mathematics in the Junior and Senior High School; a Source Book for Teachers of Mathematics

Listing Chiefly Free and Low Cost Illustrative and Supplementary Materials

Tests IV-VIII have norms for the seventh grade; Tests IV, VI, VII, and VIII, for the
eighth grade. I. Inventories. Attainment in the ioo Combinations in Simple
Addition. II. ... Combinations in Short Division. (Grades 4-8) VIII. Inventories.
Major Difficulties in Long Division. (Grades 5-8) IX. Bridging in the Addition of
Mixed Numbers. (Grades 5-8) X. Bridging in the Subtraction of Mixed Numbers. (
Grades 5-8) XI. Problem Solving for Grades 3, 4, and 5. XII. Denominate
Numbers. (Grades 3-5) ...