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Diplomacy, Roger Makins and the Anglo-American Relationship

Roger Makins, British Ambassador to Washington 1953-1956, was one of the most prominent and powerful diplomats of his time. His career was unusual for a Foreign Office official, in that such a large part of it took place in Washington and London, and was centered on Anglo-American relationships. This book describes his life, times and the important players he dealt with on both sides of the Atlantic. It sheds light on how the ‘special relationship’ between Britain and America developed, and shows how great an impact a civil servant can have on policy.

Bevin respected makins' ability to find his way around the american
establishment and used makins to find ways around potential obstacles to
influencing american policy. one such obstacle, for example, was the concern
some americans had ...

Historical Dictionary of Anglo-American Relations

Anglo-American relations have been a crucial factor in international relations for over two centuries. For most of that time dealings between Britain and the United States have remained co-operative, cordial, and supportive. In the beginning, however, relations were confrontational and discordant: the two nations waged war against each other twice_in the War of Independence and in the War of 1812_and have often disagreed over trade, finance, and foreign policy. This volume demonstrates the changing nature of Anglo-American relations and focuses, in particular, on the strengths and fragilities of the 'special relationship' that developed in the aftermath of the WWII and continues to the present day. The Historical Dictionary of Anglo-American Relations surveys Anglo-American relations from 1607 to the present and covers key events, individuals, and issues that have played a part in its history. Through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, appendixes, and hundreds of cross-referenced entries_with an emphasis on the political and economic relationship between Britain and the United States but also featuring the cultural links between the two_this comprehensive and easily accessible reference tool will delight those interested in the history of these two countries.

When Britain established its first permanent settlement in America at Jamestown
in April 1607 , it began 176 years of direct rule over the American colonies,
during which time it exported its people, language, legal traditions, and a sense
of ...

Anglo-American Relations

Contemporary Perspectives

This book provides an examination of contemporary Anglo-American relations. Sometimes controversially referred to as the Special Relationship, Anglo-American relations constitute arguably the most important bilateral relationship of modern times. However, in recent years, there have been frequent pronouncements that this relationship has lost its ‘specialness’. This volume brings together experts from Britain, Europe and North America in a long-overdue examination of contemporary Anglo-American relations that paints a somewhat different picture. The discussion ranges widely, from an analysis of the special relationship of culture and friendship, to an examination of both traditional (e.g. nuclear relations) and more recent (e.g. environment) policies. Contemporary developments are discussed in the context of longer-term trends and contributing authors draw upon a range of different disciplines, including political science, diplomacy studies, business studies and economics. Coupled with a substantive introduction and conclusion, the result is an insightful and engaging portrayal of the complex Anglo-American relationship. The book will be of great interest to students of US and UK foreign policy, diplomacy and international relations in general.

Introduction Anglo-American defence cooperation is a mainstay of the special
relationship. Its antecedents lie in World War 2 where intimate cooperation
developed from fighting a global war, Britain hosting large quantities of American

Anglo-American Relations Since 1939

The Enduring Alliance

Taking the 'special relationship' as a central theme, the book explores the public and private diplomacy between Britain and the United states in periods of war and peace. Using recently released archives as well as contemporary sources, the areas both of cooperation and conflict are revealed. What emerges is a much more complexed relationship than the one normally portrayed in much of the secondary literature on the subject. The documents also reveal the way the concepts of the 'special relationship' was used as a 'tool of diplomacy' on both sides of the Atlantic.

Although there were few serious frictions in Anglo-American relations in the early
1970s there was a growing divergence of interests and an increasing inequality
of power which helped to slacken the bonds between the two states. As the ...

Anglo-American Relations in the 1920's

The Struggle for Supremacy

The diplomatic, economic and naval gains made by the United States at British expense during the Great War were not necessarily permanent--while the Americans sought to build on these gains in the 1920s, the British resisted, leading to a struggle for supremacy. This collection focusses on a crucial period in the histories of both British and American foreign policy, examining the diplomatic, economic, financial, naval and strategic elements of the trans-Atlantic relationship.

6 The Image of Britain in the United States, 1919-1929: A Contentious Relative
and Rival Benjamin D. Rhodes It should not have been too surprising that
Britain's image in America during the twenties underwent some decline from the
exalted ...