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Sebut saja Gemebyar Jumpa Pemenang Coverguest '93 di Citraland, Kiat tampil
Gilang Gemilang di Amphiteater Galeria Nusa Dua Bali dan di Studio East
Discotheque Surabaya. Tak ketinggalan Pesta Final Cover Boy '93 di ... Faham
anarsisme seks ( peng- umbarangejolak syahwat) yang telah tersebar ini
bersumber pada teori psikologi Sigmund Freud. Faham ini merupakan counter-
compensation ...

Antecedents and Consequences of Personal Reputation in Organizations

This dissertation involves an exploratory investigation that examined the antecedents and consequences of personal reputation in organizations. Using existing scales, this examination inspected personality, social effectiveness, expertise, and time as antecedents of personal reputation, and analyzed power, autonomy, and career advancement as consequences. A structural equation model was used to analyze the data in order to further our understanding of personal reputation in organizations. A revised model, driven by theory and improved fit, supported the proposed antecedents and consequences, with personal reputation partially or fully mediating the two groups (i.e., antecedents and consequences). Furthermore, additional analysis furthered our understanding of the reputation construct as it related to self and other reports. Strengths and limitations of this dissertation, and directions for future research are discussed.

Academy of Management Journal, 42, 288-306. Dulebohn ... Differential
involvement in delinquency: Toward an interpretation in terms of reputation
management. ... Personnel/human resources management: A political influence