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Marketing Management

Table of Contents - Part 1 - Understanding Marketing Management - Chapter 1 - Defining Marketing for the 21st Century; Chapter 2 - Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans; Part 2 - Capturing Marketing Insights; Chapter 3 - Gathering Information and Scanning the Environment; Chapter 4 - Conducting Marketing Research and Forecasting Demand; Part 3 - Connecting With Customers - Chapter 5 - Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction, and Loyalty; Chapter 6 - Analyzing Consumer Markets; Chapter 7 - Analyzing Business Markets; Chapter 8 - Identifying Market Segments and Targets; Part 4 - Building Strong Brands; Chapter 9 - Creating Brand Equity; Chapter 10 - Crafting the Brand Positioning; Chapter 11 - Dealing with Competition; Part 5 - Shaping The Market Offerings; Chapter 12 - Setting Product Strategy; Chapter 13 - Designing and Managing Services; Chapter 14 - Developing Pricing Strategies and Programs; Part 6 - D elivering Value; Chapter 15 - Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Channels; Chapter 16 - Managing Retailing, Wholesaling, and Logistics; Part 7 - Communicating Value; Chapter 17 - Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications; Chapter 18 - Managing Mass Communications; Advertising, Sales Promotions, Events, and Public Relations; Chapter 19 - Managing Personal Communications - Direct and Interactive Marketing and Personal Selling; Part 8 - Creating Successfull Long-Term Growth; Chapter 20 - Introducing New Market Offerings; Chapter 21 - Tapping into Global Markets; Chapter 22 - Managing a Holistic Marketing Organization.

For undergraduate and MBA marketing management and strategy courses. Kotler/Keller is the gold standard in the marketing management discipline because it continues to reflect the latest changes in marketing theory and practice.

Marketing Management in China

Marketing Management in China, 1st Edition, brings the landmark work of marketing gurus Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller to China. This edition, adapted by Professor Lu Tai Hong of Zhongshan University, takes a journey into a truly Chinese vista of marketing management. With content shaped to reflect the world`s fastest burgeoning economy, this is one textbook the marketing student seeking to understand China cannot do without This adaptation provides hard-to-find and well-researched China cases that offer insights into the local marketing situation. These cases cover a wide variety of contexts, spanning international companies operating in China to Chinese companies that are beginning to venture overseas; to provide readers with a well-balanced understanding At the same time, the text and language has been made more concise and accessible without losing the original Kotler`s and Keller`s depth and insight to the subject. This offers busy executives and students alike, an opportunity to grasp key marketing concepts quickly and effortlessly

This edition, adapted by Professor Lu Tai Hong of Zhongshan University, takes a journey into a truly Chinese vista of marketing management.