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Memorials of the English affairs from the beginning of the reign of Charles the First to the happy restoration of King Charles the Second

Letters informed, that when the officers and soldiers marched out of Ragland-
castle, not the least injury or incivility was offered by sir Thomas Fairfax's army to
any of them ; but they were courteously used, and not a tittle of their articles
broken. That sir Thomas Fairfax had much conference with the marquis, with all
respect. And there being store of rich furniture and goods in the castle, the
general caused the commissioners in the army to make an inventory of them, and
to proclaim, that ...

Memorials of the English affairs; or, an historical account of what passed from the beginning of the reign of King Charles the First to King Charles the Second, his happy restauration ... with the private consultations ... of the cabinet. Edited by Arthur, Earl of Anglesea. ... A new edition with ... additions

Which are these : 1. That matters of religion and God's worship are not at all
intrusted to any human power; because therein we cannot admit or exceed a tittle
of what our consciences dictate to be the mind of God, without wilful sin.
Nevertheless, the public way of instructing the nation (so it be not compulsive) is
referred to their discretion. 2. That impressing or constraining any of us to serve in
the war is against freedom, and not allowed to our representatives; the rather
because money ...

Memori pembinaan organisasi sosial Pelita V, 1988-1992

End-of-office report of the Director of Social Organization Development, 1988-1992.

End-of-office report of the Director of Social Organization Development, 1988-1992.

Memori Bajra Sandhi

perburuan ke prana jiwa : perburuan seorang Ida Wayan Granoka

Commemorating volume of the 5th anniversary of Sanggar Bajra Sandhi, a Balinese folk art studio for children.

Semua itu menggambarkan sebuah proses dinamis kerja kreativitas seni : dari
eksperimentasi sanggar hingga apresiasi masyarakat luas. Mungkin bahan-
bahan ini akan lebih terasa nilai gunanya untuk dikedepankan lebih awal.
Mengingat ...

Memori Bukit Pantai

sebuah catatan pengalaman

Autobiography of Omar Mamat, a Malay teacher.

Pelbagai dugaan, cabaran dan kegusaran yang kadang-kadang mencabar agar
saya kalah dan berundur. Kerenah pelajar, rakan kerja, pentadbir dan prasangka
buruk yang diwarisi banyak ahli masyarakat iaitu hasad dengki, cerita peribadi ...