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Middle and Modern English Corpus Linguistics

A multi-dimensional approach

This book brings together a variety of approaches to English corpus linguistics and shows how corpus methodologies can contribute to the linking of diachronic and synchronic studies. The articles in this volume investigate historical changes in the English language as well as specific aspects of Middle and Modern English and, moreover, of English dialects. The contributions also discuss the development of English corpus linguistics generally and its potential in the future. Special focus is given to the continuity between Middle and Modern English – much in line with the linking in previous studies of Middle English and Old English under the generic term “medievalism”. This volume highlights the continual development of English from the medieval to modern period.

Aim of the present volume The principal aim ofthe present volume, in keeping
with its title Middle and Modern English Corpus Linguistics: A Multi-dimensional
Approach, is to provide a common platform for discussion among historical
corpus linguists of different academic disciplines, including philologists,
dialectologists and corpus designers. The contributions apply various
methodologies of corpus linguistics to investigate diachronic changes in English,
several aspects of Middle ...