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Operations Research Proceedings

Selected Papers of the Symposium on Operations Research (OR 2000) Dresden, September 9–12, 2000

The branch and bound method was implemented and tested in ANSI C on a
Pentium II computer (300 MHz) for the well known benchmarks of the job shop
scheduling problem obtained from the operational research library provided by ...

Community-Based Operations Research

Decision Modeling for Local Impact and Diverse Populations

This edited volume is an introduction to diverse methods and applications in operations research focused on local populations and community-based organizations that have the potential to improve the lives of individuals and communities in tangible ways. The book's themes include: space, place and community; disadvantaged, underrepresented or underserved populations; international and transnational applications; multimethod, cross-disciplinary and comparative approaches and appropriate technology; and analytics. The book is comprised of eleven original submissions, a re-print of a 2007 article by Johnson and Smilowitz that introduces CBOR, and an introductory chapter that provides policy motivation, antecedents to CBOR in OR/MS, a theory of CBOR and a comprehensive review of the chapters. It is hoped that this book will provide a resource to academics and practitioners who seek to develop methods and applications that bridge the divide between traditional OR/MS rooted in mathematical models and newer streams in 'soft OR' that emphasize problem structuring methods, critical approaches to OR/MS and community engagement and capacity-building.

While many in academia and business had explored (and sometimes exploited)
what would eventually come to be known as operations research for decades
before World War II, the interdisciplinary mathematical science has its formal
origins ...

Operations Research

The author have used numerical examples as the means for presentation of the underlying ideas of different operations research techniques.Accordingly,a large number of comprehensive solved examples,taken from a variety of fields,have been added in every chapter and they are followed by a set of unsolved problems with answers(and hints wherever required)through which readers can test their understanding of the subject matter.The book,in its present form,contains around 650,examples,1,280 illustrative diagrams.

... 0.3 Z 0.15 0.1 0 0.2 K 0.1 0 0 0.2 Gain (`) 1,000 1,500 5,000 8,000 State the
logic of your procedure. What is the maximum gain? [P.U.B.E.(Mech.) 1997] 52. A
machine shop has four machines (M1 to M4). 412 OPERATIONS RESEARCH.

Methods of Operations Research

Operations research originated during World War II with the military's need for a scientific method of providing executives with a quantitative decision-making basis. This text explores strategical kinematics, tactical analysis, gunnery and bombardment problems, more.

It is the prerogative and responsibility of the executive officer to add these factors
to the quantitative basis provided by the operations research group, to reach the
final decision. The task of the operations research worker is to present the ...

Operations research

Applicati's of network analysis have been made in information theory, the study of
transportation problems, and the planning and control of research and
development projects. In transportation problem, there are number of routes to
reach a ...

Operations Research Proceedings 2013

Selected Papers of the International Conference on Operations Research, OR2013, organized by the German Operations Research Society (GOR), the Dutch Society of Operations Research (NGB) and Erasmus University Rotterdam, September 3-6, 2013

This book contains a selection of refereed papers presented at the “International Conference on Operations Research (OR 2013)” which took place at Erasmus University Rotterdam September 3-6, 2013. The conference was jointly organized by the German and the Dutch OR Society. More than 800 scientists and students from over 50 countries attended OR 2013 and presented more than 600 papers in parallel topical streams, as well as special award sessions. The theme of the conference and its proceedings is "Impact on People, Business and Society".

Selected Papers of the International Conference on Operations Research,
OR2013, organized by the German Operations Research Society (GOR), the
Dutch Society of Operations Research (NGB) and Erasmus University Rotterdam,


This comprehensive book deals with the theoretical aspects of operations research, and explains the concepts with practical examples. It begins by focusing on the need and prerequisites of operations research and moves on to discuss topics such as linear programming, integer programming, nonlinear programming, assignment problems, and inventory models in sufficient detail. Besides, this text also explains how to achieve different goals in the order of priority to optimize the objective function, various criteria of decision making under certainty, uncertainty and risk, and different techniques of analyzing the time involved in completing the project and the related cost. KEY FEATURES : Gives well-defined algorithms to illustrate the different techniques of operations research. Inventory problems are discussed with calculus. Provides worked-out examples in each chapter to illustrate the concepts discussed. This text is intended for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, and postgraduate students of Computer Applications and Business Administration. In addition, practising executives, consultants and managers will also find the book very useful.

In recent years, statisticians, engineers, economists and students of management
have placed increasing emphasis on decision making under conditions of
uncertainty. This area of study has been called statistical decision theory,
Bayesian ...

Applied Operations Research

Exercise 23 is concerned with the writing of operations research reports. Worked
solutions are provided where appropriate (beginning on page 137), although it
should be noted that these are only "suggested solutions," as most of the ...