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The Great Cosmic Lesson Plan

Healing through spirituality, humor and music

The Great Cosmic Lesson Plan is a unique way of looking at life. It presents a perspective that combines spirituality, psychology, humor and music as pieces of the puzzle leading to a happy, peaceful, meaningful life. We are all connected to each other in the great energy source that is God. We become unhappy when things don’t go our way in the material world. This book suggests that happiness will come from a gradual shift to spiritual values. The book presents practical techniques for letting go of anger, fear, guilt, and negative beliefs. Additionally, humor and music are very helpful in aiding the process of letting go. Part One explores changes which need to be made to find happiness and the means to accomplish those changes. Ultimately to reach this goal, there needs be a connection to the source of all being, often called God. Part Two presents this message in the form of a comic novel. Dr. Hans Off, a chiropractor meets tragedy when he is bitten by an aardvark and can no longer practice his profession. Instead of sinking into depression, he goes on a spiritual search to find new meaning in his life. He visits a variety of therapists including an analyst, an existentialist and a spiritual therapist. Dr. Off discovers that enlightenment requires lightening up.

Plan. “Hey dad, what is life for anyway? It's not that much fun.” This question was
posed by my nineyear old daughter Lauren. We were riding in the car, on the way
to a “biddy basketball” game (a children's league). I guess she wasn't enjoying
the games too much. But I didn't know the exact reason for her question.
Somehow, at that moment, she was wondering what life is all about and I had to
respond. I replied with the first answer that popped into my head, “Life is about
loving, ...