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Protecting and Exploiting New Technology and Designs

The protection of intellectual property rights has become a major concern in recent years. The opportunities being seized, or lost, in areas such as computer software or biotechnology have captured most of the headlines but in every research facility, whatever the subject, there is an increased awareness of the importance to R & D management of a more commercial attitude. Keith Hodkinson has run Government sponsored "professional updating" courses for academic and industrial researchers and business executives. The practical questions raised there and the advice found most useful have all helped to make this guide a down-to-earth source of help which will be of immediate, profitable use to its readers. Appendices to the book as well as giving lists of useful names and addresses to contact also contain examples of draft letters, contracts and record forms and licensing negotiating checklists.

(g) Other matters for joint venture consideration Other matters for consideration
and agreement by the potential partners in corporate joint venture, which speak
for themselves, will include: (1) Control of joint venture by owners: (i) Transfer of ...