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Islamic Law of Business Organization Partnerships

The author attempts to spell out the Islamic principles on which business enterprise should be based specially in the area of partnership. He displays a strikingly acute awareness of Islamic laws on the subject, matched by an equally striking awareness of the forms of business organization in vogue in the contemporary world. The work represents a serious scholarly effort to sort out complicated questions such as those mentioned above, to enunciate Islamic principles relative to business enterprise, and to apply them in the changed context of present-day business.

1.3 Some Difficulties on the Way There are some difficulties involved in the study
and understanding of the Islamic law of business organization. These are not
insurmountable, but the reader needs to be cautioned as some of these problems

Peranan swasta dalam pemasaran hasil-hasil produksi di daerah transmigrasi

laporan akhir

Role of private companies in marketing agricultural products of transmigrants in Indonesia; final report.

325 (yang bersumber dar-, simpanan pokok simpanan wajib per bulan,
simpanan sukarela anggota, Kredit Bank dan bantuan-bantuan tidak mengikat
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Legal Aspects of Doing Business in North America [2009] I

Vol I 2009: United States ' Alabama-Massachusetts. "Legal Aspects of Doing Business in North America", a three-volume set with approximately 1,500 pages, provides a survey of the requirements for doing business and investing in Canada, Mexico, and the United States, including state-by-state and province-by-province analysis for Canada and the United States. The reports are prepared by local business practitioners and offer practical insights into issues relating to selection of form for doing business, incentives, taxation, labor and employment, liabilities, and dispute resolution. Order volumes II and III to complete the set. The publication is replaced by an updated volume annually. Purchase of print version includes 24/7 online access. A 10% discount applies to a subscription for next year's update. A 25% discount applies to a subscription for three years of updates. Discounts are applied after purchase by rebate from publisher.

The heart of Georgia's international prominence is found among the skyscrapers
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Zakat produktif di lembaga pemerintahan BUMN

On practice of zakat in government business enterprises in Indonesia; research reports.

kepedulian terhadap pendayagunaan zakat yang berorientasi terhadap usaha
memberdayakan fakir miskin dalam sisi kehidupan ekonomi . Dengan demikian ,
MUI tidak gamam lagi untuk mengeluarkan fatwa tentang zakat bagi usaha ...

The House of Saud in Commerce

A Study of Royal Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia

In the evolutionary process of Saudi Arabia, the period beginning with the seventies marked by the 'oil revolution' can be described as the turning point. With this began a phase of consolidation and institutionalisation of the royal government. One important development having bearing on its nation building project has been the participation of the Royal Family members in economic activities of the country. Since the seventies, over the last three decades, it is clearly visible that the engagement of the Saudi Royal Family in economy and business has grown not only in volume but in form also. This study has attemped to look at the sprawling business activities of the Royal Family members, not merely as a profile but relate it to the evolutionary context. The first major study that examines the gradual process of emerging entrepreneurship in the Saudi Royal Family. It highlights the role of the royal entrepreneurs in the development of the Saudi private sector. The study shows that their investments have created a positive climate for the growth of entrepreneurship, especially productive entrepreneurship, on the Saudi business scene. An indispensable store-house of detailed account of the investments made by more that 600 royal members, including princesses in 1050 Saudi companies. Supported with 28 pages of index and 14 tables, this data-packed book is a bonanza for businessmen, diplomats, laymen, and all those interested in Saudi Arabia and its Royal Family. A must-have book that contains biographical and kinship details of the Aal Saud. The book is one of its kind and is fully based on firsthand local sources. Apart from numerous published sources in Arabic, the official gazette of the government of Saudi Arabis, Umm Al-Qura, has been extensively consulted.

Supported with 28 pages of index and 14 tables, this data-packed book is a bonanza for businessmen, diplomats, laymen, and all those interested in Saudi Arabia and its Royal Family.