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The Complete French Master for Ladies and Gentlemen ...

This verb was formerly of the first conjugation ; of which its present, imperfect, and
future tenses of the indicative, are still. Indicative. ^ - - Conjunctive. Pre $ S. je
cueille, tu eueilles, il cueille. | Que je cueille, tu cueilles, fent. Q P. Nous cueillons,

Bœuf's New and Complete Grammar of the French Tongue

In which the Construction of the Language is Reduced to Its Simplest Principles ...

COMPOUND TEnses. PRETE air derinities (5) PRETERIT ANTERIOR. jë fus I
was j'eus I had • tufus thou wast tu eus thou hadst ilfut he was il eut & she had S.
nous fümes ode were nous etimes to we had }. § yous fates you were vous edites

The Complete French Master

For Ladies and Gentlemen. Containing I. A New Methodical French Grammar. II. A Well-digested and Copious Vocabulary. III. Familiar Phrases and Dialogues, on All Manner of Subjects. IV. Dialogues of Wit and Humour. V. A Taste of the French Poetry. VI. A Collection of French Songs. Vii. A Collection of Choice Proverbs. Viii. A Catalogue of French Books, Fit for a Lady's Or Gentleman's Library. For the Use of the Late Duke of Glocester. By Mr. A. Boyer. Author of the Royal Dictionary, French and English

The second compound tense, called first preterpluperset, expresses an action,
not only perfectly past, but done also before another, of which one-speaks, was
begun; Ex. 7'avoir chanté quand vour vinter, I had sung when you came; j'étois ...