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Pemimpin kredibel, pemimpin visioner

bagaimana menjadi pemimpin kredibel dan visioner di alam reformasi era global

Building credibility as leaders in Indonesia.

Building credibility as leaders in Indonesia.

Pertarungan negara vs pasar

Analysis on impact of globalization on national economic development and social welfare in the third world countries.

Liberalisasi finansial berupa kebijakan bunga bank oleh mekanisme pasar; 5).
Usaha untuk membuat nilai tukar uang yang kompetitif; 6). Liberalisasi hambatan
-hambatan perdagangan; 7). Menggiatkan Foreign Direct Investment (FDI); 8).

Globalisation And Information Technology

Many view of globalisation as a technology driven global order that has led to an intensification of interconnectedness among nations. This, however, is merely one fact of globalisation, and does not presuppose the ideological homogenization or the rapid retrenchment of the welfare state that is currently underway. The dispute over globalisation is not about the intensification of global interconnectedness. Rather, it is over the vision of the global system that globalisation projects. This vision entails a global economic system with identifiable rules of behaviour in trade, finance, taxation, investment policy, intellectual property rights, and currency convertibility all of which are crafted along neo-liberal principles with minimal governmental regulation. This global system represents a new phase of capitalism which is more universal, more unchallenged, more pure and more unadulterated than even before . For many critics, globalisation is essentially, an anti-democratic process that excludes the interests of a wide range of groups. But the process is not shaped by market forces alone. It is only made possible by the acquiescence if not active support of governments, especially those in advanced countries. Governments in developing countries, meanwhile, are often said to be unable to stand up to globalisation without incurring severe, costs, the government of South Africa, for example, could be punished by capital flight if it insists on implementing its agenda of social reform. The masses of South Africa, however, are likely to sustain heavier costs if the government abandons its reforming mandate. Faced with such a dilemma, governments have generally selected the side of capital for a simple reason.

Prosiding Muncul dan Berkembangnya Varian Keagamaan Islam Kontemporer di Indonesia

Development of contemporary Islamic variant in Indonesia; proceeding of workshop.

... Arabia, Universitas Imam Muhammad ibn Sa'ud dan Universitas Islam
Madinah. , Saudi Arabia mengintensifkan penyebaran Wahhabisme, yang
secara inheren menyimpan sentimen anti-Syi'ah, menyusul pecahnya Revolusi
Iran pada 1979. ... atas Masjid al- Haram pada tahun yang sama.xl" Serangan ini
memberikan pelajaran berharga bagi Saudi Arabia untuk segera mengubah
Prosung Muncul dan Berkembangnya Varian Keagamaan Islam Kontemporer di
Indonesia | 1 43.

Hukum ekonomi Indonesia dalam era reformasi dan globalisasi

On economic laws in Indonesia in era of globalization; collected articles.

On economic laws in Indonesia in era of globalization; collected articles.