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Information Technology for Participatory Development

This Book, Putting Together Papers Presented At The Special Session On Information And Local Administration Of The National Seminar On Right To Information, Attempts To Deal With The Various Aspects Related To Information Technology For Participatory Development.

Introduction The Information Technology Industry in India is a fast growing
segment of the Indian economy, with growth rates exceeding 50% per annum. In
1995-96, the Indian Information Technology Industry comprising hardware,
software, ...

Library and Information Science: Information science, information technology and its application

Contributed articles.

INTRODUCTION ... The world will continue with the present day libraries having
large and ever-growing collections. ... Even today it is so, particularly for the
developing countries like India. ... Information Technology in fact has brought
about a revolution in it. ... Telecommunication networks are there to handle digital
machine readable data and to use telephone lines, micro waves and
communication ...

National Information System in Education

A Comparative Study

An Information System A network is a form of arrangement or an administrative
structure that links a group of individuals or organisations who have agreed to
work together for any purpose such as in the acquisition programmes, technical ...

Mathematical Modeling In Geographical Information System (gis) & Gps An Overview

"Papers presented at the Training Programme on Mathematical Modelling in GIS/GPS and Digital Cartography, held at Jaipur during 1st February to 2nd March 2005".--[Source inconnue].

This in particular calls for the creation of a 'Land Information System (LIS)' as it is
more efficient system for land management. Therefore, LIS represents a system
for handling spatial data related to multivariate and multilevel data with associate

Geographical Information System Concepts And Business Opportunities

In Indian context.

There are many users and owners of different data involved in the building of
Geographical Information System (GIS). It is the cartography who has always
coordinating all sources of inputs and responsible for the concept and design of
the ...

Psycho-social Dynamics of Blind Students

Study conducted in Delhi, India.

Disability as a linguistic term is composite comprising of people with a large
variety of unrelated characteristics. However, through the processes of
separation and practices of defining society's responsibility they have been
separated from the ...

Psycho-social Aspects of Aging in India

Linguistic affinity, 14 Living arrangement, 41 Locus of Control, 142, 148, 161, 163
, 218 Logos, 44 Loneliness, 219, 222, 226, 228, 230 Longevity, quest for, 272
recipes for, 278 Longfellow, H.W., 215 Longitudinal study of Aging, 222 Lord ...