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How to Build Dioramas

Learn everything you need to know about making your dioramas look real! This fantastic revised edition will show you how with new projects, new photos, and expert tips. Includes painting, weathering, and detailing tips for figures, aircraft, vehicles, and more! By Sheperd Paine.

Since the controls have individual locking systems, you can choose which ones
you allow to hang loose. If the pilot's foot pedals are unlocked, the rudder will
swing to one side or the other depending upon which way the pedals are pushed
(if ...

How to Build Armor Dioramas

Award-winning modeler Lynn Kessler leads you, photo by photo, through the steps of building detailed armor vehicles and then displaying them in a realistic scene. Topics include beginning and advanced kit assembly, designing a diorama concept, modeling and painting figures, finishing details, and more. Hundreds of hands-on photos make it easy for modelers to get started quickly.

With either, you must first do your research on which pattern of Zimmerit was
applied to which tanks — not all carried all patterns — and make a pressing tool
from Evergreen strip. Most real Zimmerit was applied with a simple trowel and
was ...

How to Build Realistic Model Railroad Scenery

Featuring today's newest products and equipment, this photo-packed guide features contemporary images of diesel locomotives and urban settings, plus updates to Dave's trademark scenery "recipes." Includes new chapters on Western scenery and desert modeling, and city scenery and urban settings.

Once you've worked out your scenery plan, make sure your layout's trackwork
and wiring are complete and the trains run perfectly before you build anything. It's
difficult to remove, replace, or repair track after scenery is in place. Ripping up ...