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Cold Reading - How to Become a Good Mentalist

So yes, you definitely do have some intuitive abilities. ... “For most people, a
person with the opposite zodiac sign will make the best mate. ... “My impression
is that while your intuition is normally good, at times you may be overly

Impact & Influence - The "How to..." Guide

4 specific beliefs related to personal influencing strongly disagree strongly agree
a I am always prepared when I need to influence somebody 1 2 3 4 b I nearly
always create a good first impression with most people I meet 1 2 3 4 c I am
quickly ...

How to Influence and Persuade Someone Effectively: Secret to Connecting to People and Make Them Say Yes to You Anytime

You only get one shot at a good first impression, so always make a positive
impact. Of course, it is possible to change a negative first impression into a
positive feeling about you, but it takes time and a lot of work. It is easier to just
make a great ...

Autocoaching - How to Get the Best from Yourself (Eng)

Autocoaching is a journey inside yourself. A journey aimed at getting to know yourself better and to enjoy life more with those who appreciate you

It's time to get busy. Are you ready? Are you thinking of excuses because you're
not prepared? For instance: I can't do it now because I'm busy finishing some
business; I'll take it up when I return from my holiday; I'm involved in a family affair
at ...

How to Get Into and survive Film, Advertising and TV Post-Production - The Alternative Guide

make. a. nice. hot. cup. of. tea. When I arrived in London, I was armed with a
variety of skills but apart from a long list of politically incorrect jokes, few were
relevant to survival in the virtual world. Being able to shoot pretty well from an
M48 ...

Mahatma Gandhi

An American Portrait

Much against the entreaties of the police, Gandhi refused to file a complaint
against his assailant. (D) As for Gandhi having been insulted in public, mortified
and humiliated, let us recall that the lot of the Asian as of the African in South
Africa ...

The Writer & The Prospects Of Life "Real Life Poetry"

a changer change a change we need a change i believe in a change starting
with me a change starting with you a change capable of changing the old rules
that change will modify our messed up world if we believe in it and start acting on
the ...

365 Life Changer Wisdom

I believe that you don't need to read the whole book and get the main idea, the
main message that can be a life changer to you. From this book, I'll share to you,
not just 7, 21, 40 or even 100, but 365 LIFE CHANGER WISDOM. I made this ...

“Micro Teaching - A Way to Build up Skills”

The most important point in microteaching is that teaching is practiced in terms of
definable, observable, measurable and controllable teaching skills'. Sharma (
1981) defined Microteaching as” a specific teacher training technique through ...